Student Health Advisory Board focuses on healthy eating

Published by adviser, Author: Adam Zook - Rocket Contributor , Date: April 20, 2017

The Student Health Advisory Board (SHAB) held a meeting Tuesday with a discussion about how to live a healthy lifestyle at SRU.

The main topic was sugar and its usage in foods and drinks. AVI Corporate Dietitian Michelle Apple gave a presentation on ways to identify added sugars in everyday products.

“Added sugars are sugars and syrups that are added to foods or beverages when they are processed or prepared,” Apple said. “Major food and beverage sources of added sugars include soft drinks, cookies, candy and many more. Make sure to always read the ingredients label before eating or drinking.”

Apple has been with AVI for 11 years and oversees nutrition services for AVI’s Education Division (Colleges and K-12). She was brought in to speak by SHAB, and the event was entirely organized by graduate students involved in the program.

Health Promotion Coordinator Renee Bateman was pleased with the event and the open forum it offered the student body.

“This program is run by students for students; all students are encouraged to a trend these meetings and make their concerns known,” Bateman said. “We cover a large range of topics pertaining to promoting a healthy lifestyle. We like to hold four meetings a year, twice a semester. In February, we held a discussion on the risks of alcohol consumption and got great feedback. I think today that same positive energy was reflected by the students.”

Apple shared Bateman’s enthusiasm about Tuesday’s discussion.

“There was a lot of positive interaction with students, they had lots of great questions and seemed to really be engaged in the discussion,” Apple said. “I would love to speak at a discussion in the future if asked to come back.”

This was the last session of the 2017 Spring semester for SHAB, which looks to continue the program next school year. Updates will be sent to the student body through email and posted around campus to promote future events.


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