‘Revive’ water station added to new union

Published by adviser, Author: Steph Holsinger - Assistant News Editor, Date: January 27, 2012

The Slippery Rock Student Government Association (SGA) gave a presentation on the future installation of a new filtered water station that will be available at the new union during their meeting Thursday.

Jim Henry, vice president of student affairs, has been working on the project since August.

The machine, which is called the “Revive Water Station,” will be available to students free of charge as a promotion to the company.

“It will be similar to the purified water stations that you may have seen at the ARC and ATS, but it will take it to a whole different level,” Henry said.

Students who choose to use the machine will use a stainless steel bottle, which is washable and reusable, according to Henry.

The Revive Water Station will actually clean the bottle as well as refill it with fresh, purified water, unlike any other filtered water station on campus. It will also consume less energy than a vending machine.

“When it comes to refilling water bottles, bacteria can accumulate by drinking from the bottle, even after one use,” he said.

“The Revive Water Station will use all green chemicals that won’t harm you when it cleans the bottle,” Henry said. “There is already reserved space in the new union for the station.”

Also at the meeting, Lindsey MacNabb, a senior political science major, was elected as a commuter senator.

MacNabb served as the vice president of public relations for SGA last year.

“I was completing an internship in Harrisburg in the fall, so I was unable to be a part of SGA last semester,” she said.

“I wanted to finish out my last semester as a member of student government because it’s something that I’m truly passionate about,”MacNabb said.

MacNabb will be sworn in at a future senate meeting.


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