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Keke Palmer | Photo Slideshow

A Future as Bright as Day

Musical Theatre Society presents The 2018 Comedy Cabaret | Photo Slideshow

Musical Theatre Society of SRU provided some well-needed laughs to campus with their 2018 Comedy Cabaret. The show opened Tuesday, Dec. 4 in the...

Music Therapy Club of SRU presents the Fall Benefit Concert | Photo Slideshow

The Music Therapy Club of SRU hosted the Fall Benefit Concert on Saturday night in Swope Music Hall. The annual event consisted of performances...

Low student turnout, weather impacts Campus Safety Week, active shooter trainings

Last week’s Campus Safety Week, an annual initiative sponsored by the Student Government Association (SGA), presented a variety of safety topics, including first aid...

SRU mourns Tree of Life Synagogue victims at campus-wide vigil

On Friday, students and faculty gathered in the quad to remember the victims of the shooting at Tree of Life Synagogue, located 57 miles...

Fall Concert | Photo Slideshow

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