Is romance real or just a social media display?

Published by adviser, Author: Chloe Frey - Rocket Contributor, Date: February 12, 2018

We tend to get so caught up in social media that we miss out on what is actually happening in front of us. Instead, we may catch the beginning of an event and then pull out a phone to document the rest, which causes us to miss important content. Some of us are so worried about how we are portrayed online over what is actually happening in our lives. Do you feel the same emotions when you witness things through a screen? Do you actually embrace the same detail and beauty of life as you would through only your own eyes? Probably not. Keep this in mind as you spend time with loved ones during the Valentine’s holiday. Don’t forget to take time away from the distraction of technology, I promise you can tell your friends/followers about how romantic, or not, your date was another time.

There’s nothing that can ruin an intense, happy, or romantic moment like the sound of your phone alerts, especially from social media apps, which are most likely not urgent matters. Put the phone on silent, with your family possibly being the only exception to have on a ring, and truly engage in the valuable moments spent with those you love. Allow yourself to smile at a person instead of the front-facing camera of a smartphone with a heart-eyes filter. I promise it feels more genuine, and the world needs more of that. Tell the ones you love how you feel using real words and facial expressions, versus typed words and emojis. There is nothing wrong with showing your significant other off online, just don’t let it consume the majority of your time together.

Now if you find that in doing these things your time spent together is actually awkward or unenjoyable because you’re used to escaping that awkwardness or finding conversation starters through being on your phone, maybe it’s time to rethink the whole thing. Stop “doing it for the gram”, and do it for your true self. Find a genuine connection that is stronger than your wifi signal and embrace the realness that so many of us increasingly and continuously miss out on. Spread these ideas and encourage others to live in the moment in all aspects of life. Let’s get back to the basics and get physical; forget the virtual. Finally, for the love of Snapchat, appreciate reality and make these memories last longer than 24 hours.


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