On any given day, SRU students can wander past the Smith Student Center or the gazebo in the quad and be greeted with fun music and a happy-go-lucky freshman dancing his heart out. Jonathan Sosa truly knows what it means to ‘dance like nobody’s watching,’ even while the whole campus is doing so.

Sosa said he’s been interested in dance since his freshman year of high school when dubstep and electronic music, the style of music he dances to now, was at the height of its popularity.

“Not all of these songs had music videos, but there was plenty of dance videos with a style of dance I had never seen before,” Sosa said. “I was interested in how they expressed the music so I just decided to try things out myself.”

Dancing is one method of stress relief, which is a big reason behind Sosa’s love for the activity.  He also said it’s a quick way to change his mood, no matter what the day’s been like or how classes are going.  

Freshman Jake Taylor, one of Sosa’s best friends, said he thinks Sosa really likes to have a good time, and that he dances on campus because he knows it can positively affect someone’s mood.

“He plays music throughout campus solely because everyone he sees looks so miserable,” Taylor said. “So he tries to add a little music to brighten their days.”

Taylor described his ‘broski’ as very outgoing and social, and suggested Sosa knows almost everyone on campus.  Sosa himself said he hopes that his dancing encourages others to live more worry-free lives, and feel the freedom that comes with dancing, or doing anything else you love.

While many people on campus who witness Sosa indulging in his passion are very positive and encouraging, he did mention that there are times when all people do is point and laugh at him.

“It’s all a matter of taking in the feedback and not letting negative vibes affect your passion,” Sosa said.  

According to Taylor, dancing isn’t the only talent Sosa has; he mentioned that Sosa frequently cooks for Taylor and their other friends, and he specializes in Asian food.  Along the same lines, Taylor, who is originally from Blairstown, NJ, said Sosa was one of the few people who really helped him feel more at home when he first came to Slippery Rock, which is around five hours away from his hometown.

“He’s like, the most reliable and best friend I have here,” Taylor said of Sosa. “We’re best buds, and I don’t know how I could do it without him.”

Although Sosa has not yet officially declared a major, he sees a bright future for himself.  He hopes to use his creativity and innovative nature in his career, and Taylor said that, with his work ethic, Sosa will absolutely be successful on whatever path he may choose.

“I see myself in a life where I can seize whatever opportunities I can reach while still staying true to myself,” Sosa said.

Next time Sosa’s dancing outside the gazebo or near the front door of the Smith Student Center, be sure to stop and enjoy the music with him for a while, and maybe dance with him.  After all, it’ll be like nobody’s watching.


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