Women’s Center to host annual Galentine’s Day on Tuesday

Published by adviser, Author: Morgan McDonald - Rocket Contributor , Date: February 12, 2018

The Women’s Center will host its annual “Galentine’s Day” on Tuesday in the commuter lounge in the Smith Student Center.

The event will run from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

The Women’s Center got the idea from the show ‘Parks and Recreation’ and has been holding the “Galentines Day” event for two years with the goal of the event being to celebrate relationships with women.

Jodi Solito, the director of the Women’s Center said, “I wouldn’t say the Women’s Center formally promotes love and relationships. Much of our programming, however, have an underlying theme of respect and equality in all relationships, whether in romantic relationships or platonic ones.”.

The goals of the Women’s Center is to promote for and reinforce the holistic development, empowerment, and achievement of female students, promote the development of academic, leadership, and gender identify abilities among members of Slippery Rock University, and to work together with campus and community members to promote inclusivity and respect about pluralism, gender, and sexual orientation.

When asked about the goal of the Women’s Center itself regarding safe sex and love Solito said, “It’s not a formal goal of the Women’s Center, but certainly the programming that we provide supports women’s rights to love whomever they want to love in whatever way they choose to express that love…or not.”

The Women’s Center educates through programs and events, and encourages students to discuss topics like sexism, feminism, gender violence, and women’s contributions to society. The program is based on the intersectionality of gender, ability, race, sexual orientation, and economic status. The program also advocates for women’s voices to be heard, and to actively support an environment of mutual respect and equality through policy and procedure development and provides services for survivor’s violence.

The Women’s Center is also a confidential reporting site for male and female survivors of sexual violence. It also empowers students by promoting leadership opportunities for women throughout campus and off-campus workshops and personal development programs like the Undergraduate Leadership Institute and the Start Smart salary negotiation workshop.


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