OneSRU ticket sweeps SGA elections

Published by , Author: Adam Zook - Assistant News Editor, Date: April 19, 2018

The winners of the SRSGA elections were announced during common hour on Tuesday in the Smith Student Center lobby, with the ticket OneSRU sweeping the positions on the executive board. The ticket was led by Dallas Kline, current Vice President of Campus Outreach, who was elected to serve as SGA President for the 2018-19 academic year.

In addition to Kline, there will be five new senators on the executive board. Chadwick Burdick will serve as Vice President of Campus Outreach, Nicole Dunlop as VP of Internal Affairs, Kennedy Moore as VP of Diversity and Inclusion, and Logan Tupper as VP of Finance. Elizabeth Hernandez, a former Speaker of the Senate during 2016-17, did not run on the OneSRU ticket but was elected to serve as VP of Student and Academic Affairs.

OneSRU ran on the platform of being transparent and inclusive towards the student body. President-elect Kline emphasized this point during the open forum session with students last week.

“Slippery Rock is a special place,” Kline said. “We are an active student body who cares about what’s going on, and we’re here to be an advocate for students first and foremost. I intend to be an open and transparent president, and a large part of that is being the bridge that connects administration to the concerns of students.”

A large emphasis was also placed on what role the newly created position of VP of Diversity and Inclusion would serve in the near future. Several members of the executive board expressed a desire to do as much as possible from their elected position in order to make sure that the Social Justice Committee succeeds. In particular, Moore is excited at the influence the Social Justice Committee now has.

“Now that there is a vice president position tied to the Social Justice Committee, it carries a lot more weight in the university,” Kennedy said. “Serving on the committee last year, I learned that there are a lot of groups on this campus that don’t have a voice. I think it’s very important that we emphasize that while learning more about other cultures, communities, and diverse groups on campus.”

Building and commuter senators were also announced on Tuesday. All new senators will be sworn into their new positions on April 30 during SGA’s final formal meeting of the 2017-18 academic year. The newly elected senators are:

  • Tyler Ben- Commuter
  • Margaret Calvert- Commuter
  • Taylor Cochran- Commuter
  • Josiah Cole- Commuter
  • Jacob Cribbs- Commuter
  • Martha Dunkelberger- ROCK Apartments
  • Christopher Garcia- Commuter
  • Malaka Gouda- Building B
  • Kaitlyn Hazelett- Commuter
  • Caitlyn Kilmer- Commuter
  • Samantha Kochis- Building D
  • David Miller- Commuter
  • Corinne Rockefeller- Rhoads Hall
  • Emily Smolinsky- North Hall
  • Julia Tremel- Commuter
  • Marshall Tuten- Commuter
  • Angela Vickers- Commuter
  • Cale Walker- Commuter
  • Sarah Corrine Zeni- Commuter


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