Blotter 3/19/18

Published by , Author: Adam Zook - Assistant News Editor, Date: April 19, 2018


April 12- Police received a fire alarm from Rock Apartment no. 8. Upon checking the area, it was discovered that the cause was burnt food and the panel was reset.

April 13-The Health Center requested assistance from police regarding the transportation of an individual by ambulance.

April 13-A person reported that they had found a small amount of suspected marijuana on Campus Drive. The person turned in the substance to the police.

April 13- Police received a report that multiple individuals were on the roof of the Jack Dinger Building and Morrow Field House. All four involved persons were cited via mail.

April 14- Police observed a person urinating on a light pole. The person was stopped by police and identified. Carson Pacheco, 19, was taken to the Health Center and was cited with an alcohol violation.

April 15- Police received a call about an individual overdosing in their vehicle at Sheetz. The ambulance crew arrived and used NARCAN to revive the individual. The person will also be charged for driving under the influence.

April 15- A person in Building B called police about a person who would not leave the area. Police observed damage of personal property upon arriving at the scene. Tiffany Crosby, 19, was cited for criminal mischief

April 16- A person in Spotts World Culture Building passed out. Police arrived on scene to provide assistance, but the person was awake and did not require further treatment.

April 16- Police received a call from Building D regarding an incident. The police gave the person involved a ride to the Health Center.

April 16- Pennsylvania State Police requested assistance from campus police for enforcing a Protection From Abuse order in Eisenberg Classroom Building. An individual was taken into custody by Pennsylvania State Police for violating the PFA.

April 16- A motorist in the Lower Stadium lot reported that a vehicle had backed into another. Information was gathered by police and contact was made with the owner of the vehicle.

April 16- A person in Building A wanted to report an instance of possible harassment. An incident report was taken by police and the person was advised to also contact the Office of Student Conduct.


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