Blotter 4/13/17

Published by , Author: Adam Zook - Rocket Contributor , Date: April 13, 2017


April 8- Police noticed a truck in the grass on Maltby Avenue and the vehicle had to be towed. Insurance information was gathered for the damage to public property.

April 8- Slippery Rock Borough Police requested assistance on a traffic stop on Grove City Road which resulted in an on-foot pursuit. Borough police will be charging persons.

April 8- State police requested assistance from SRUPD on a traffic stop on Grove City Road that had a wanted person inside the vehicle.

April 9- Traffic stop on the Central Loop resulted in an alcohol violation for the passengers; person(s) referred to student conduct, driver was warned for faulty equipment.

April 9- Person reported damage to their vehicle in the Lower Stadium Lot A. Case is under investigation.

April 9- Person called about the welfare of their friend near Gail Rose Lodge. Police located person later.

April 10- Lukas Peterson, 19, was charged with having a fake ID and disorderly conduct after being stopped by police for being visibly intoxicated near Aebersold Recreation Center; was charged and transported to Butler County Jail.

April 10- Police observed a highly intoxicated person in the Central Loop, person was taken to the Health Center, charges to be filed.

April 10- Hunter Nagy, 21, was charged for disorderly conduct in the Swope Commuter Lot when he was told to leave the lot and used vulgar language towards police and staff, which caused alarm to others in the lot.

April 10- Alexandria Stevenson, 20, was cited for consumption of alcoholic beverages near Aebersold Recreation Center and was released to a friend.

April 10- Austin Freeman, 21, Jacob Miller, 21, Brandon Schmoll, 21, were all charged with disorderly conduct after police observed a fight inside the Aebersold Recreation Center.

April 10- Courtney Meyers, 21, was charged with disorderly conduct for having drug paraphernalia in her car.

April 10- Person reported car accident in the Alumni Commuter Lot. Police arrived, both parties exchanged information. No other action was taken by police.

April 10- Person reported an unknown vehicle struck her car in the McKay Commuter Lot. Case is under investigation.

April 10- Staff personnel called police for two persons arguing and ready to fight outside of Bailey Library. Police arrived and spoke with parties and sent them on their way. No other action was taken.

April 10- Traffic stop resulted in an arrest for drug paraphernalia on Service Drive.

April 10- Beth Stumpf, 20, was cited for underage consumption near the Aebersold Recreation Center and was released to a friend.

April 10- Gabriele Diamond, 19, Shannon McNamara, 19, Morgan Reilly, 18, Savannah Saccuci, 18, Kelly Stiller, 19, were all charged with an alcohol violation at Watson Hall.

April 11- Laura Hallam, 19, was charged with public drunkenness.

April 13- Santino Birty, 19, Chad Kuhn, 19, Dylan Stapleton, 18, were all charged with alcohol violations. Police were called for possible intoxicated people in the lobby.


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