Voting info for SRU students as Tuesday approaches

Published by adviser, Author: Logan Campbell - Asst. News Editor, Date: November 3, 2016

For students voting in Slippery Rock here is the information you’ll need to know to cast your vote.

There are two voting locations for each side of the town of Slippery Rock to vote at. Students who live on the Weisenfluh side of campus (either in Rhoads or North Hall)will vote at Slippery Rock Park. Slippery Rock Park is located along I-73 or North Main Street heading towards the Grove City Outlets.The rest of the commuter students, along with the town of Slippery Rock on that side, will also vote at Slippery Rock Park.

Students who live in Buildings A, B, Watson, D, E and F will vote at the Slippery Rock Township Building on the corner of Harmony and Branchton Roads, which is across from the IM fields. NextGen Climate will have buses that will be offered to students for transportation to and from both locations. Residents and commuter students on this side of town will also vote at the Slippery Rock Township Building.

Students who have a voter registration card can check their card for the location they are supposed to vote at. If students do not possess a voter registration card, then they can go to for more info on where they are registered at.

Once on the website, go to the pages section and go to ‘polling places info.’ Once on that page, students can find out where they are registered to vote by typing in required information, which is their county, city, street, house number and zip code.

If students simply want to know whether they are officially registered, they can go to and click on the third choice. Here it will tell you how to find out if you are registered.

Students should see for NextGen Climate’s full busing schedule for election day.


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