Police blotter 3/7/24

Published by Hayden Schultz, Date: March 7, 2024

CONTENT WARNING: This edition of the blotter contains a mention of self-harm. Please use discretion when proceeding.

March 1 – Police responded to a fire alarm activation in Rock Apartment #5. Upon arrival, officers determined the resident failed add water to the mac and cheese they were cooking.

March 1 – Pa. State Police (PSP) called university police stating they were investigating a possible theft. The theft previously occurred at First National Bank on Grove City Road and the state police suspected the suspect may return the following day.

March 2 – Police received a call stating two individuals were carrying a person on Kiester Road, heading towards Harmony Road. Police checked the area and nobody was found.

March 2 – A person at Mihalik-Thompson Stadium was hit by a ball. An ambulance was dispatched by 911 and police responded to the scene and located the person who was hit. The person was transported to the hospital.

March 2 – Police received a call for possible harassment at Morrow Field House involving a swim meet, which was a non-SRU event. The case is under investigation.

March 2 – An E-Phone was activated three times in Building F. Police investigated the incident and found the person. Charges are pending.

March 3 – PSP requested assistance from university police to assist in a traffic stop on North Road. The driver was processed for DUI by SRUPD.

March 3 – Police received a call from a person who stated another person was harming themselves in Watson Hall. Police arrived and spoke with the person. Officers called to dispatch an ambulance but the person refused transport. The individual was given SRU and county resources.

March 5 – Police received a call from Butler Control, informing police a person ingested “edible gummies” and was having trouble breathing in Watson Hall. The police and EMS arrived and the individual was transported to Grove City Medical Center. The incident is currently under investigation and charges are pending.

March 6 – Police received a call about damages to two whiteboards in Bailey Library on Feb. 16. The investigating officer was unable to determine who damaged the whiteboards.

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