Published by Zac Gibson, Date: November 2, 2023

The Student Government Association (SRSGA), convened at the Smith Student Center Theater Monday night, engaging discussions and elections took center stage. The following are the key highlights from the meeting:

A notable number of SRSGA members were absent from the meeting. Among the missing were Vice President Rezzetano, and senators Johnston, Styles, Steele, Schmitt, Snyder, Bankosh, as well as Dr. Rose-Lynch.

Guest speakers

The assembly hosted representatives from Rock Dining and Aramark. Lisa Rodgers delivered dining service updates. These updates included Boozel’s adjusted operating hours and the debut of “The Spread” sandwich station at Rocky’s.

Noteworthy menu additions for Wiesenfluh were discussed, including options at “Wild Blue” and “Clean Plate,” an allergen-free station. A new “touch net-order ahead” app was introduced to be utilized with FLEX across venues like Rocky’s, Quaker, Starbucks, Butter & Honey and Crafted.

Upcoming dining dates

– Nov. 9: Food bar tour

– Nov. 15: Thanksgiving buffet

– Nov. 27: Student Appreciation Week

– Nov. 28: Student Roundtable

Other discussions:

Jason Seiple highlighted various sustainability initiatives, including a honey sponsorship with Amber Eade and the Macoskey Center. The Macoskey Center’s commendable partnerships with the farmer’s market, composting, and Earth Fest were highlighted. The Monetary Bay Aquarium’s seafood watch system was acknowledged as a means of providing food enrichment to the campus.

Bill Taylor assumed the floor to discuss student employment and internship opportunities. The remuneration for student workers was revealed to be $11 per hour, accompanied by a range of benefits. The university is actively scouting for safety and risk interns as well as business and finance interns, with both positions offering potential credit and remuneration.

Arthur Prioletti, from the Sports Management Alliance, requested for funding to support 12 students and 3 faculty members headed to the Super Bowl in Las Vegas in 2024. Prioletti gave a cost breakdown with a total of over $14,000.

Senators suggested a mention of asking for assistance from the College of Business. The pay rates for the Super Bowl event were also discussed, with the workers being paid $20 per hour on the day of the event.

Address from President Karen Riley:

President Riley emphasized the importance of inclusive dialogues and her dedicated interactions with students on Monday night.

She candidly acknowledged that while many students don’t present their issues to her often, there is ongoing work aiming at making the campus more inclusive. President Riley extended a warm invitation to the audience to partake in the inauguration celebrations scheduled for Friday.

President Riley also received a Proclamation from the SRSGA. Presented by President Bloom, the notice formally recognized President Riley’s positions and the SRSGA’s intent to work collaboratively throughout her tenure.

Committee and officer reports:

Prominent matters on the table included the impending inauguration of Dr. Riley on Friday, Nov. 3, with free caps and gowns in exchange for service. Safety Week was heralded, with event specifics soon to be unveiled. Additionally, deliberations centered around the Shuttle Van project and the formation of new clubs.

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