Benefits of Using Green Screens in the Classroom

Published by Partnered Content, Date: November 8, 2021
Benefits of Using Green Screens in the Classroom

If there is one thing that we all learned from the world the past few years, attending actual events is overrated and sometimes unnecessary. Seeing teachers and students present and learn together in a new environment is inspirational. Due to essential video calling, many people could show their personalities by creating customized backdrops. That individuality can also flourish with technology like a green screen or blue screen. The benefits of using green screens in the classroom show why implementing one brings everyone rejuvenated excitement.

Keeps Things Fresh

Whether you are a teacher or a student presenting a project, delivering your report may be a bit boring, causing you to feel self-conscious. From the student’s perspective, hearing the teacher lecture in a monotonous tone will put anyone to sleep, especially if you watch the lecture remotely. Regarding the lecturer, the green screen allows you to do a bit of role-playing. For example, you can set the scene if discussing Ancient History by pretending you are in Rome next to the Colosseum. A green screen gives each side of the coin more creative opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Helps Students Show Passion

It’s not uncommon for students to procrastinate when putting together a research project. After all, researching, studying, and writing feels like tedious tasks for many, causing students to put things off longer than they should. By doing a project that students can be passionate about, they dedicate their time because it no longer feels like work—it becomes fun!

Displays Other Critical Skills

With written projects, the only talent you show will be your skills on the keyboard. While writing skills are fundamental, it’s just a piece of the educational puzzle. Incorporating a green screen can show off many skills outside of your writing, like acting, singing, and imagination.

Luckily, technology makes going to school feel less like a chore. The one-dimensional nature of showing up, listening, taking notes, and leaving helps no one. However, you will never forget the one professor who may dress up like a Spartan when talking about the Battle of Thermopylae, which is just one of the benefits of using green screens in the classroom.


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