Rock Around the Rock


Reflecting on everyone and everything around us is an important part of life that allows for a deeper understanding of others, regardless of if these things personally affect you. 

As we reflect on aspects of the LGBTQ+ community, music is a great way to gain insight to the ups and downs of the struggles and celebrations.

Of the many advocates and artists belonging to this powerful community, Freddie Mercury serves as one of the most influential.

Throughout his career, he exuded his sexuality despite the struggles that sometimes plagued him. The song by Queen, “Don’t Stop Me Now”, is the band’s tip of a sequined hat to these hardships as Mercury sings, “I feel alive and the world I’ll turn it inside out, so don’t stop me now.” This song is a reminder to keep things light and enjoy the music of life through the difficult times that may bring you down.

Elton John’s iconic status has strengthened over his many years of music making. The reasons for this are shown through his music and lasting advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community, as he is a part of it. His song, “Elton’s Song”, is one of realization as he comes to terms with situations in life. Lines like “If you only knew what I’m going through” and “I would give my life for a single night beside you” indicate grand gestures and bold statements that stem from the shedding of light on aspects of his life like love and personal strife that he has overcome with time.

Lady Gaga is known as one of the most present LGBTQ+ icons. As a highly active advocate for the community, Gaga has proven to be deserving of this title. Her spirited music celebrates living life the way that makes you happy, no matter what others think. Her songs“Born This Way” and “Edge of Glory” inspire self love as well as a positive outlook on love across all people.

A more recent display of the LGBTQ+ community being active in music comes from One Direction member Harry Styles. 

After a long journey following his discovery of sexuality, his single “Lights Up” is a celebration of a longawaited era of love in life. This inspiring tune preaches to its audience to see the best parts of others as well as the truth that lays behind different parts of yourself. Styles encourages everyone to see through the dark, to turn the lights on and see the love that exists everywhere and to spread it to everyone whenever possible.


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