Cody Nespor, Editor-in-Chief

Published by adviser, Date: August 28, 2017

Before starting college, I would have never imagined I would find myself on the student newspaper in any capacity, let alone as the editor-in-chief. This will be my third year as a member of The Rocket staff, I have spent the last two years as a part of the sports section and while I loved covering Slippery Rock sports I am very eager to put what I have learned to the ultimate test. The Rocket is going through a lot of changes in 2017-18 including a new advisor, Dr. Brittany Fleming, who I am very excited to start working with.

I would be remiss if I did not mention a couple of people that have helped me along the way get to where I am now, both as a journalist and as a person. Janelle Wilson (SRU ’16) was the editor-in-chief when I first joined The Rocket staff and I could not have asked for a better first impression of what being a member of The Rocket was like. Ryan Barlow (SRU ’17) was my first section editor when I was the assistant sports editor and eventual EIC and I can honestly say he ended up being one of my best friends when all was said and done. Jordyn Bennett (SRU ’17) was my first ever assistant editor after I had moved up to sports editor and he is just flat out the best collegiate journalist I have ever and will ever know. Finally, there is The Rocket’s former advisor Dr. Mark Zeltner (immortal probably) who has made all of this possible. There have been few non-family members in my life who have expected as much or pushed me as hard as Dr. Zeltner has and I owe him a debt that is unpayable.

In the end, with the experience I have gained coupled with a great staff have me planning for the 2017-18 edition of The Rocket to be the best that I have ever worked on.


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