Alex Mowrey

Published by adviser, Date: August 10, 2014

The Earth spins at around 1000 miles per hour, that’s fast, and such is life. My job as a photographer gives me the opportunity to slow down life and capture every moment in all its glory. That’s what makes my job so special. When I started working for The Rocket my sophomore year as the Photo Editor, I never saw myself attempting to make a future out of doing something I love. But now, walking into my third year in this position and my senior year of college, I am building upon skills that I have gained over my four years here at school and applying them to build up to my future. During my time as the Photo Editor I have grown in talent and in confidence. I know that, without The Rocket I would not be where I am today and developing skills to help me the rest of my life. College is only one chapter in our autobiography, a story that is never fully completed and is always growing in length. We possess the power to expand and document this journey that we have here on Earth. One word at a time, or in my case, one image at a time. Click.


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