Catie Clark, Asst. News Editor

Published by adviser, Date: August 8, 2013

Some people say I’m crossing to the dark side, but I believe I’m preparing for my future in a unique way.  


Many are surprised to find that I am a Public Relations major on the staff of The Rocket. Especially because I used to write for the News section, preferring to stay away from the feature writing that graces the Campus Life section. While I can write a mean press release, I think that it’s important to understand what happens during all stages of the media cycle. I’ve had an internship in PR and worked with various clients, but I still enjoy news writing just as much. I also am working on a minor in Graphic Design through the Art department, so I really enjoy working on page design and  layouts.

Now that I’m the Editor-in-Chief, I’m even more immersed in the world of journalism, but I still have the opportunity to hone my PR skills. As Editor, it is my responsibility to immerse the newspaper into the campus and the community, as well as create and nurture relationships with campus organizations, leaders, and community members. By keeping active with both journalism and PR, I hope to better my writing skills and knowledge of the communication field. In the future, I hope to attend graduate school and move into a career that I’ll enjoy – whether that be PR or journalism, I know I’ll be prepared either way.



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