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Registration for summer and fall classes begins on Monday, and due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are some changes this time around. Here is what you need to know before you schedule:

1Registration pins are not required…

In the past, undergraduate students were required to enter a registration pin from their advisor. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, students and their advisors are unable to meet in person.

2… but you should probably talk to your advisor anyway.

In an email to students on April 1, the Office of Academic Records and Registration encouraged students to meet virtually with their advisors. While the elimination of registration pins means that students don’t have to take this step,

According to the email, the Office of Academic Records and Registration states that advisors “will provide you with accurate information and will recommend the appropriate classes available to fulfill your degree requirements without wasting time and money on irrelevant classes.”

3Summer classes will be held remotely.

All summer classes will be held online, SRU President William Behre announced via email on March 30. This announcement came after Dan Greenstein, chancellor of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, informed university presidents of an extended suspension of face-to-face classes.

While the majority of SRU’s summer courses are normally held online, this will change the nature of some courses originally designed to be taught on campus this summer.

4Get familiar with MyProfile before you register.

The Office of Academic Records and Registration recommends verifying your information is up to date.

After logging into MySRU, click on “MyProfile” on the homepage. Select the “Personal Information Page” and ensure all of your information is still accurate.

5Figure out when you register.

After logging into “MySRU,” click the “Registration” tab and select “Step 1: Prepare for Registration.” Select the summer 2020 or fall 2020 term and you will be redirected to a page that will list when you are permitted to register.

This page will also notify you if you have any holds preventing registration.

6Know where to go for help.

Picture this: You have all your course registration numbers (CRNs) ready and you are at your computer waiting to register. As soon as your time to register comes and you go to submit your class schedule, you suddenly get an error code preventing you from getting a seat in a class.

It has happened to most of us for one reason or another, but it is helpful to know where to go ahead of time should a problem arise.

If you receive an error code while registering for a class, you will need to contact the professor of the course (or, if the professor is listed as TBA, the department chairperson). Make sure you inform the professor of the error codes you received so they can potentially put in an override for you.

The Office of Academic Records and Registration notes that if you get an override from a professor, you will still need to register for the class.

For other questions and concerns about scheduling, contact the Office of Academic Records and Registration at or 724-738-2010 or Academic Services at or 724-738-2012.

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