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Summer classes will be delivered through distance learning, according to an email sent to SRU stakeholders by SRU President William Behre.

Behre said Chancellor Dan Greenstein announced an extension of his temporary suspension of face-to-face classes. He said we must plan for our summer classes to be delivered via distance learning.

“While I am not happy that we must go in this direction, I strongly support his decision,” Behre said.

Behre also announced that internships will be put on hold until further notice.

“While a majority of our summer session classes are already online,” Behre said, “Unfortunately, those that are in-person, clinical rotations, student teaching, internships, field experiences, and other types of inperson placements, will be put on hold if they cannot be converted into distance modalities.”

Behre included a link in the email to provide further explanation of the decision.

“While I understand this isn’t the reality that any of us asked for,” Behre said, “It is the one we have been dealt, and we will make the best of it. At the end of the day, at SRU, we lead, we succeed, and most importantly, we rock.”


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