Fashion brands compete in takeover with the creation of unique, affordable styles

Published by adviser, Author: Katie Ellis, Date: April 11, 2013

Competition has been a part of the fashion industry for years, with deep rooted rivalry between cities like New York and Los Angeles and between fashion houses Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior.

But more recently, fashion rivalries have been hitting closer to home with competition between retail brands Sperry Top-Sider and Keds, Coach and Fossil, in addition to Ray-Ban and Foster Grant.  With the rising popularity of lesser known brands, a takeover is imminent as established brands are losing their unique factor.

For years, Sperry Top-Sider has been the go-to brand for classic shoes that have stood out against an ocean of lackluster footwear.  They are known for their boat shoes, but have recently expanded their brand to include flats and espadrilles, all while Keds has taken a backseat to reinvent their brand.  There’s no doubt that that as a little girl you could be seen on the playground sporting a pair of the white canvas shoes with the blue tag on the heel that Keds is famous for, but it’s unlikely that you’ve stepped into a pair since then.

Keds is making a huge comeback in the retail market, thanks to the bright and youthful patterns that now adorn their shoes, and from the endorsement of a certain country-pop superstar.  They now come in polka dot, stripe, and even sunglasses prints that showcase how far the brand has come creatively.

The all new Keds brand lets you define your personality by the shoes that you put on your feet.  So, “here’s to all the brave girls” who dare to be different and give the shoe with the blue tab another try.

Women have been carrying Coach purses for decades, and now the brand is finally facing some healthy competition from Fossil.  Whenever you go to the mall, it’s not unusual to see nearly a dozen women carrying Coach purses, and nowadays it’s hard to tell whether or not the bag you see is real or a knockoff.  However, it’s unlikely that you’ll spot any knockoff Fossil purses on the shoulders of women anytime soon, because the key to their brand is their uniqueness.

Fossil is growing in popularity as their designs are becoming more youthful all while staying true to their classic routes.  Their purses retail for just a fraction of the price of a Coach bag and are undoubtedly more stylish.  They are brightly colored, striped, and covered in floral prints that make them stand out in a crowd full of purses that are emblazoned with Cs.

Ray-Ban sunglasses have been a lasting staple among celebrities since the 1950s and have become popular among young adults in recent years.  But at last, Foster Grant is finally coming back out of the woodwork to give Ray-Ban a little competition.  Just months ago, the brand announced that Brooke Shields would be the new face of their eyewear, and since then commercials have aired showing the star modeling their new and improved products.

Each pair of Foster Grant sunglasses is affordably priced, unlike Ray-Ban shades that sell for up to $250.  The brand sells a number of today’s most popular styles that are appropriate for both men and women that start at just $15 and retail for no more than $30.

With competition heating up between these brands, now is the time to invest in a pair of Foster Grants before it’s too late.  Soon enough, people will be asking “Who’s that behind those Foster Grants” whenever you walk by.

As established brands begin to lose their “wow factor,” lesser-known brands like Keds, Fossil, and Foster Grant are ready to step into the spotlight to show off their products.  These brands sell fun and affordable items that’ll make you stand out in a crowd, but only if you’re willing to go out and try something new.


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