“Evil Dead” remake little more than a stale blood bath

Published by adviser, Author: Jimmy Graner, Date: April 11, 2013

Film: “Evil Dead”

2.5 Stars

In most scary movies, where groups of people are easily killed one by one, the action all happens in that one secluded place where no one from the outside world can find you. The most popular of all places, it seems, is that lone cabin nestled in the middle of the forest away from humanity. What could possibly go wrong?

“Evil Dead,” a secondary movie made to appear like the original from 1981, follows five young people as they get away from reality and venture into a secluded cabin in the woods. Everyone has come together to support the main character Mia (Jane Levy), as she tries to stop her drug addiction problems.

After timeless remarks on past outcomes, the group finds themselves in the basement of the cabin where strange happenings seem to have occurred long before the group’s arrival. Objects hanging from hooks would scare any person, but a book bound in human skin should tell someone to leave and never come back. However, after someone decides to read it, a demonic force is released and soon haunts the group in every way possible.

One cannot simply sit through the movie and not squirm from one scene after another. The countless acts of violence and rage that occur will have you turning your head or even getting up and walking out. Reading about the original, blood and gore seems to over populate the film more than it should. The understanding of a demonic fiend taking over one’s body is greatly executed no matter how one may look at it. The things we don’t ever want to see with our human eye take place with some hesitation.

Although this is all taking place, you can’t help but laugh at some of the dialogue and acts of violence. Black comedy is hard to catch but once you catch it, the joy of hearing a scary face saying things in a peculiar way make it more pleasing.

Okay, lets be honest – if you’re reading this, you either want some feedback on how it is, or you’re a horror fan and things like this excite you and you want to know as much about it as you can. The movie critic in me wants to tell you that the film really isn’t a film at all. That’s the hardest part about this review.

I knew going into this that there would be so many scenes of blood and gore, that no matter how bad the movie would be, I would enjoy myself for that sole purpose.

Like I’ve said before, horror movies, no matter what the plot may be, all relate to one another, no matter what happens in each film. This occurs because people are used to the same old thing. Tons of minor horror films are produced with such subjects as surfing zombies or evil mutants in caves, but don’t gain enough criticism because most people don’t know about them or care for that matter.

The moviegoer in me will tell you to stay at home and wait for the DVD release, because it’s nothing new that we haven’t seen before.

Overall, the film ties into a little of what the original had to offer. Scenes of death, as well as self inflicted wounds and mildly funny dialogue will have you wondering if it’s horror or comedy film. In the end, the overall lesson is to stay away from drugs and visit a place that doesn’t reside in the middle of nowhere.


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