“Spring Breakers” a vulgar yet fun film

Published by adviser, Author: Jimmy Graner, Date: March 28, 2013

Film: “Spring Breakers”

3.5 Stars

Spring break is a time for students of all ages to take a break from what may be the normal routine of one’s day. The younger generation may hang out with friends and do sleepovers, the teenage population may do the same but have a wider spectrum on things to do, and the young adults who reside in college use this time to do whatever they feel is necessary.

However, how one chooses to do those things and at what costs, may just open up a different sense on life’s choices and decisions.

The film “Spring Breakers” follows four college girls named Faith (Selena Gomez), Candy (Vanessa Hudgens), Brit (Ashley Benson) and Cotty (Rachel Korine) who decide that life is at a standstill and that getting away for spring break is the only way to solve their problems. In order for these events to take place, three of the four girls rob a diner in their local area in order to get away.

While vacationing, the girls do what every other college student does on spring break according to Hollywood – party. Soon enough though, the girls are caught and arrested for their earlier robbery and wind up in jail. Later, a rapper by the name of Alien (James Franco) shows up unknowingly and bails the girls out of jail in hopes to gain more than just friendship. After explaining exactly what he does, Alien then invites the girls to share his lifestyle and to never return to their normal lives.

What ensues over the film is more of a reflection piece on life’s choices and reflection on how one chooses to live without the judgment of others.

Upon seeing this film, I had no idea what to expect. I first thought that it would blend together such films as Project X and The Hangover, but upon further judgment, “Spring Breakers” should be classified in its own unique genre.

Director Harmony Korine has a stylistic approach of explaining things. His style of directing in his films involves things that society may deem a little wrong and harmful to the mind. But the way he chooses to show things in the manner he does brings out the true view on how some people may perceive the world around them.

The film is rated “R” for a reason. Throughout most of the film, constant shots of nudity as well as violence drive the thought and view of the film. Strong language is used almost every 10 seconds in the film, without surprise.

Interestingly enough, the plot of “Spring Breakers” also maintains an edge of unpredictability. Just when you think the film is going in one direction, something totally outrageous and unsuspecting happens to change the drive of the film. One minute you’ll be laughing and the other you’ll be turning your head and looking the other way, but if it wasn’t for James Franco’s talent and persona that emanates through his character, it would be more difficult to sit through the entire film.

“Spring Breakers” was also intriguing through several other points. For instance, one can tell immediately how each of the girls is going to react and do things in a different way. Korine did a good job in capturing the personalities of the girls as well as what drives each one into the choices they make.

Constant repetitive shots of random partiers and the repeat of said words “Spring Break” defines what some may assume as the non-stop way of ignoring everything else, when something else seems to be of greater importance. Because of this, the dozens of camera angles, including some underwater as well as many close ups, extend deeper into one’s thought when viewing the film.

If you’re able to get past all the criticisms and nudity and look at the bigger picture, this film should break apart from the rest and offer anyone a temporary break from reality.


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