Charities work with fashion companies to change lives of those in need

Published by adviser, Author: Katie Ellis - Rocket Contributor, Date: November 15, 2012

There are many socially conscious charities across the United States that make fashion their main priority.  Organizations like Dress for Success aim to help women develop their careers, and Fashion Delivers helps people who are distressed by natural disasters and affected by poverty.
There are so many people that are in need of assistance across the country, and there are more than enough organizations willing to help out many noble causes.  If you have the means available to contribute to any of these charities, there are hundreds of people across the country that would be appreciative of your generosity.
Dress for Success was founded in 1997 to help women around the world find jobs and to ensure that they keep them.  The women that are referred to the organization come from a variety of places like immigration and domestic violence centers.  To help women dress successfully, the organization provides a suit and accessories appropriate for the job that she is interviewing for, and after being hired she can return to Dress for Success for additional clothing.
While clothing is a central part of the organization, their priority is supporting women long after they enter the workforce with the Professional Women’s Group.  After joining the PWG, women are able to attend meetings and mentoring sessions in order to learn the skills they need to keep their job.  Visit the Dress for Success website,, to find out where to donate clothing and how to make financial contributions to the charity.

Susan Muscari Komoto, a makeup artist from Georgia, is the founder of Drop Dead Gorgeous, a charity that seeks to help children who are the victims of sexual exploitation.  Komoto was inspired to help those affected by exploitation after seeing the work her step-father did to help women who had been sexually assaulted.  Commercial sexual exploitation of children is a prominent issue in her hometown that drives her organization in their fight to raise awareness of the cause.
This year, DDG celebrated the fourth anniversary of their highly successful fashion benefit that highlights both women’s and children’s fashions by donating all proceeds from the show to Wellspring Living for Girls.  For more information on this charity visit their website,, to make a donation or to purchase the DDG Women’s Tee for $30, with proceeds benefitting Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Fashion Delivers works with companies to provide apparel, home goods, and health and beauty products to aid victims of domestic abuse, patients battling major illnesses, and those displaced because of natural disasters.  Retailers are able to donate only new products to this organization, before they are divided amongst non-profit organizations across the nation.
In excess of $100 million has been donated and distributed by Fashion Delivers since 2005.  Their most recent charitable initiative seeks to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy by providing clothing, blankets, and towels to those in need.  Although the majority of donations are given by major retailers like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and Rocawear, you can still donate money by mailing a check or donating online at

In the wake of the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy, get involved with organizations like the Red Cross who may not be as fashion conscious as other charities, but are more than willing to provide a number of services to those in need.  The Red Cross sponsors blood donation drives and disaster relief programs.
You can help out the Red Cross by becoming a volunteer, organizing a fundraiser, or simply by donating money.  There are dozens of ways to get involved, if you are able to take the time to help those in need.

If fashion is your passion, get involved with a fashion conscious charity that is looking for volunteers, or if you would rather set fashion aside and make a difference another way, don’t be afraid to go for it.  Get a friend or a relative to join you in your efforts, so that you can share what is sure to be a life changing experience together.


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