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Published by adviser, Author: Ana Graham - Rocket Contributor, Date: November 15, 2012

Dear Ana,
How should we get people to embrace the idea of arbitrary enjoyment?
Idle Dreamer

Dear Dreamer,
Some people just get lost in their stress-filled days and believe that if they are going to do anything other than their responsibilities, then that something should have some sort of meaning behind it. People need to learn to embrace the mundane moments they have in their free time.

If they want to read articles all evening or spend their afternoon free time with a friend trying to toss M&Ms in each other’s water bottles, then they should do it.

If you have a friend that doesn’t seem to be able to enjoy arbitrary entertainment, remind them that while they only have one life to live in which to achieve everything they desire, they also only have one life where they can enjoy the little stupid things around them as well. It is just not healthy to have work on the mind all the time.

Dear Ana,
I’m a sophomore and I thought it would be easier for me to schedule now that I am not a freshman. But I have the same problem I did last year! How in the world can you possibly get into a class if you’re not a senior?
LOL Sophomore

Dear Sophomore,
You will never have a perfect registration – not now, and not when you’re a senior trying to get into the last possible class you need in order to graduate but you don’t have the prerequisite class that is given the semester after you want to graduate. Sure, you’ll register sooner and sooner as you move through school, but you will always have competition to get into the classes that you need.

Some majors such as Psychology always seem to have students waiting in lines to get into classes, but this applies to almost every other major to some extent as well. Planning things out with your advisor and working with your professors as early in your college career as possible will help with this.

Dear Ana,
I see all of these signs around for APSCUF and it seems like they are authorizing a professor strike? What’s going to happen to us as students?

Dear Worried,
Nothing is official yet (as of Wednesday evening) – those signs are misleading. The move to authorize a strike is more or less a last ditch effort by APSCUF after almost two years of negotiations. PASSHE has pretty much turned down every other possible means of negotiation that the union has proposed, so hopefully this is a rhetorical move symbolizing what APSCUF is willing to do if PASSHE doesn’t back down.

But, it doesn’t look like PASSHE is going to back down, so a strike may be authorized. But even so, authorization doesn’t mean there will be an actual strike.

However, if there is a strike, I don’t know what we as students will do. Trust me when I say that I am as worried as anyone else, given that next semester is supposed to be my last semester as well as the last semester that I will be able to get financial aid. It is a scary prospect that has led me to think of the possibility that I may have to leave five years of college without a degree.

However, it is not worth thinking too hard about because we have no idea what is going to happen and we don’t have too much say in the decision. We students can only hope that our state will do the right thing.

Dear Ana,
What do you think of the states that are trying to secede from the union after Obama’s re-election?
I Saw this Garbage on Facebook

Dear Facebook,
I think it’s cute.

It takes 25,000 signatures in a month for the government to even consider allowing the applying state to secede. And I don’t see any possible way that the United States would allow any states to secede simply because their rear ends hurt over the results of the election.

Then again, if one state does secede and Puerto Rico does indeed become an actual state, there will still be only 50 states and we won’t need a new flag!


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