The Best Sounds You Might Hear During Sports

Published by Partnered Content, Date: August 5, 2022
The Best Sounds You Might Hear During Sports

There are sounds in the sporting world that could be a soundtrack to our lives. While hearing “We Will Rock You” for the hundredth time will still ignite a crowd, some sounds will be more satisfying over the course of the event. These are among the best sounds you might hear during sports that you will remember forever.

Hitting the Uprights in Football

It might depend on who you are asking whether this sound is soothing or not. For example, don’t ask a Chicago Bears fan if they enjoy the doink echo throughout the stadium because it could cause bring back the dark memory of Cody Parkey. Besides that, the doink is one of the best noises you can hear on a football field, other than the pads crashing.

The Crack of the Bat in Baseball

Hitting a baseball square is not only one of the coolest sounds in the world but also one of the better feelings. A well-struck ball makes you question if you even hit the ball at all, considering you don’t feel a thing. However, the sound it makes upon contact might be more rewarding, particularly if it’s a shaved composite bat.

A Strike in Bowling

Bowling is one of the best sports to play on a whim. Even if it’s been years since you rolled the ball down the oily lane, the sound of the pins crashing together is unforgettable. A well-placed ball can lead to a strike, emitting the sound that’s music to your ears.

Smashing a Drive in Golf

Similar to a bat hitting the ball in baseball, there is a perfectly struck drive in golf. When you hit a golf ball correctly on a drive, it can sound like a cannon exploding, giving you the satisfaction of the sound and the long tee shot. On the other hand, topping the ball or hitting the ground before the ball is one of the most troubling sounds you could hear.

Ice Scraping in Hockey or Figure Skating

Whether it’s 10 behemoths skating up and down the ice in hockey or watching the elegance of figure skaters gain speed to spin three times in the air, the noticeable “swoosh” of skates on the ice is exceptional. There’s nothing else that you can compare it to; it’s certainly more calming than squeaking shoes and dribbling on a basketball court.

Winds Whirling in Racing

We’ve all imitated the sounds of a racecar going around the track. However, hearing it in person is something that you cannot duplicate, especially when the cars are zooming next to each other. The engine’s roar on TV pales in comparison to seeing and hearing it for the first time. And luckily for you, they will do it at least 100 more times in four hours.

Your ears will perk up for the best sounds you might hear during sports. It means more when you have a history of playing the sport. Yet, even as an observer, you will yearn to hear it any chance.


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