5 Important Discussions With New Roommates

Published by Partnered Content, Date: August 2, 2022
5 Important Discussions With New Roommates

When you move into a new space, there is an adjustment period to get used to the setting. But when you move in with roommates, there are numerous things to consider to ensure a stable environment for everyone to share. Before moving in with roommates, you will need to have conversations essential to keeping the status quo in the apartment.

Rent and Bills

Paying shared expenses on time is essential to living together under one roof. Your rent will be split between you and however many roommates you have, but the utilities are an open discussion. You will need to discuss money and earnings to determine what is reasonably expected from you and your roommates. Create a detailed plan that includes the possibility of someone not being able to pay the rent or bills on time so you don’t fall behind on payments.

Cleaning and Organization

A tidy space is a healthy space and leads to fewer arguments when living together. You and your roommates will need to discuss the standards of cleanliness and figure out who will clean what. Assign tasks and chores on a schedule to help keep the shared living space organized.

Guests and Noise Level

There will be times when guests come over to the home for a party or get-together. It’s important to have ground rules about noise levels and the maximum amount of guests to prevent a disturbance in the apartment or house. Most people will understand when it is too late, and noise needs to be minimal to let people sleep. But there may be times when one roommate has early plans and needs sleep, so a standard for noise will be required.

Sharing and Personal Items

One helpful tip for living in a shared space is to establish what is shareable and what is not. Certain items such as cookware, toilet paper, and hand soap make sense to share, but some food and hygiene items are personal. Labeling food containers and keeping items in your room are easy ways to mark items as yours. Discussing items’ values will create an understanding between roommates so you won’t cross boundaries.

Emergencies and Safety Protocols

For any place you live, it’s important to discuss safety protocols with your roommates that will prevent harm to yourselves and the living space. In the case of fires, floods, or tornadoes, you should have a plan to evacuate or call for emergency services. Set up a means of communication or an alarm with your roommates in case of a break-in or dangerous situation so they know what to do and how to react. The more thorough you are with these protocols, the safer you and your roommates will be in an emergency.

Living with people comes with many new obstacles and topics to discuss. But communicating with the people you will live with will help make your new home more relaxed and comfortable.


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