4 Popular Hobbies for Car Enthusiasts To Try

Published by Partnered Content, Date: June 15, 2022
4 Popular Hobbies for Car Enthusiasts To Try

Are you an auto aficionado who wants something to do when you’re not admiring, building, restoring, or driving cars? There are a surprising number of activities you may find to your liking. Give these four fun and fulfilling hobbies for car enthusiasts a try when you have time to spare!


Exploring the community and snapping photos of cars is an exciting and productive way for car enthusiasts to spend their time. Grab your trusty camera, head down to a car show or a plain old parking lot, and click away! Photography is the perfect side hobby for car enthusiasts because it’s an excuse to spend tons of time with cars. It’s also an easy hobby to learn, as there are countless car photographing tips and communities online to help you get started.


You might not be able to drive the latest Porsche or Tesla at top speed down the Autobahn in real life, but you know where you can do that? In video games. From Mario Kart to Grand Theft Auto to Forza, there are countless games where you can hop in a car and live out your craziest auto fantasies. We can’t recommend driving your real-life car off a mountain to test its durability or racing it on a residential street full of pedestrians, but in video games, anything goes.


If you love the look of cars and getting dirty tinkering under the hood, Lego is a fantastic hobby to try. Lego has a whole collection of intricate car builds that are challenging, but fortunately less complex than building a real car! You’ll get oodles of satisfaction from putting together your Lego car models, and when you’re done, you can display them for the world (or at least your friends and family) to see.


Most folks who like cars also have an affinity for bikes. Bikes are cheaper than cars, making them a more budget-friendly option for college students. Plus, they’re cool and versatile. If you yearn for speed or quick thrills, bikes are for you! Cruise down the street looking like a rockstar or traverse down rough, rocky roads.

If you’re looking for a new hobby to try, give one of these awesome side hobbies for car enthusiasts a whirl. Who knows; you might find your new calling!


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