How To Prepare Your Car for a Summer Road Trip

Published by Partnered Content, Date: June 16, 2022
How To Prepare Your Car for a Summer Road Trip

Summer vacation is here! For some, that means backyard BBQs with loved ones or sun-soaked days by the pool. For others, it’s their cue to hit the road and embark on an exciting adventure! If you ask us, one of the best ways to spend your summer is by traveling through diverse and beautiful landscapes.

If you plan a road-trip it this summer, you’ll be driving for long distances. So it’s imperative to ensure that your vehicle is ready for the trek. Fortunately, we’ve put together this brief guide to walk you through how to prepare your car for a summer road trip.

Have It Inspected (Repaired)

One of the first things you should do to get your vehicle road-ready is to have it inspected. Whether you’re going one state over or across the country, driving for long distances accelerates the wear on your car. Thus, ensuring that it can handle this extra weathering is crucial to a successful road trip. Having a complete inspection performed is the most effective way to do that. If the mechanic says you’re good to go, congrats; you’re all set!

However, if they tell you that you need to address several things, don’t try to tempt fate. Pay to have issues resolved before you hit the road—even if it’s just an oil change or low tire tread. Trust us; it’s better to handle these problems ASAP. That way, you can enjoy your trip without worrying about a faulty tire blowing out or your engine overheating.

Clean It Out (and Protect It)

Of course, another critical aspect of preparing your car for a road trip is cleaning it! After all, no one wants to ride around for weeks in a filthy car. Start by cleaning the interior like a pro. Vacuum the floor mats and seats. Wipe down the windows. Use a quick detailing spray or moisturizer for vinyl and leather features, and top it off with your favorite air freshener.

Moreover, ensure that your exterior is sparkling, and don’t be afraid to give it a good wax.

Doing so will keep your exterior features clean and well-protected as you travel. We know—a clean car can seem inconsequential to traveling well. But it’s one of the more essential aspects of a great road trip. After all, you will be spending most of your time in your car. So make sure it’s a nice place to be.

Top Off Your Fluids

Lastly, make sure that you top off all your fluids before you embark on your summer of fun. Perhaps you need an oil change. Maybe it’s your windshield wiper fluid or coolant. Or your transmission or brake fluid might need a refill. Whatever it is, ensure that you have enough fluid to keep your car running at its optimal function.

If you’re unsure whether your fluids need topping off, we’d like to refer you to our first point, where we covered the importance of a pre-trip inspection. In other words, take it to the shop and let a mechanic tell you if you need a particular kind of fluid. If it turns out that you do, have it taken care of well before you leave for your trip. This way, you won’t run into any preventable issues or safety hazards as you travel.

In short, road trips are an excellent way to spend a summer. But if you expect to get the most out of your travels, ensuring your car is ready for the journey is imperative.


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