Things To Consider Before Joining an Intramural Sports Team

Published by Partnered Content, Date: March 7, 2022
Things To Consider Before Joining an Intramural Sports Team

Being a part of a team is rewarding and offers many benefits to an individual. You have a sense of purpose, and you’re a part of an entire system at play. When it comes to participating in activities, having a basic understanding of what to expect always helps an athlete mentally prepare for what’s to come, whether it’s expected or not.

Intramural sports require a unique mindset as they’re strictly volunteer but meant to bring comradery to competition. Let’s look at a few things to consider before joining an intramural sports team so you are ready for all that is to come!

It’s a Commitment

The name of the game is time. Whether you’re on or off the field or court, it requires your commitment to that specific period. Your team is banking on your participation, and they risk a forfeit should you decide to back out.

With low turnout rates, everyone is generally in need throughout the duration of the game. Your team’s captain may arrange practices and it’s encouraged to participate in these to allow better communication in gameplay.

Get the Right Gear

A vital component in all sports is everyone’s safety. One of the most significant things to consider before joining an intramural sports team is ensuring you have all the necessary equipment.

With many intramural activities containing low-impact scenarios and high-velocity movement, it’s beneficial to invest in eye safety. By not wearing your everyday glasses and instead wearing prescription sports goggles suitable for the sport, you can ensure your safety and protect your other investments.

It’s Not the Same as Team Sports

Joining an intramural team versus the school’s team is vastly different. There are typically no coaches in intramural activities, and the players are often the captains leading the ship. This can offer more flexibility but still requires discipline to achieve optimal outcomes.

Remember that the primary goal is to have fun and enjoy yourselves. Intramural sports offer an opportunity to bring strangers together, mingle with friends, and enjoy a little friendly competition. Be safe, and good luck!


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