Education Holidays Every Student Should Know

Published by Partnered Content, Date: May 24, 2021
Education Holidays Every Student Should Know

As you get wrapped up in the stresses of college, graduation, and life, you may forget about the little celebrations that can help students smile throughout the year. Though they’re not holidays that call for a day off, education-based holidays can give you something to talk about in class along with an excuse to spoil your favorite professors. Spread some joy around campus by learning about these education holidays every student should know and planning a celebration.

March: Music in Our Schools Month

Music is an essential part of any school or college—even in the institutions that don’t place a heavy emphasis on their music program. If you want to spread awareness about your school’s music classes, ensembles, and extracurricular activities, consider organizing events to celebrate Music in Our Schools Month! Turn the whole month into a festival of school talent and learn new skills or choose a day for a symposium of music and performances—it’s entirely up to you and your event planning crew.

First Full Week of May: Teacher Appreciation Week

Amid the chaos of finals preparation and summer planning, we observe one week to celebrate the educators who put their best foot forward. Since 1984, Teacher Appreciation Week has allowed students to show some love to the professionals who help them earn their degrees.

During Teacher Appreciation Week, try to gather your entire class and create a surprise that will remind your professor why they love to teach. Whether you work individually or as a team, find a special gift for your teacher that makes that week stand out among all the others in the school year.

The Week Before Thanksgiving Week (November): American Education Week

American students and educators alike have plenty to be grateful for during the month of November. American Education Week started in 1921, intended to raise the number of educated students in the school system. Now, it’s a celebration of everything that students, educators, and families do to improve the American education system.

American Education Week is the perfect time to appreciate the strengths of the education system and reflect upon the areas that need work. Involve your peers in this holiday and any of the other education holidays every student should know. You can have an exciting time planning events and having important conversations about opinions and reflections.


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