How To Keep Your Vehicle’s Interior Clean for Longer

Published by Partnered Content, Date: May 25, 2021
How To Keep Your Vehicle’s Interior Clean for Longer

Sometimes, it seems as though your car gets dirty on its own—even if you don’t keep much in it, clutter somehow finds a way into your vehicle. If you want your vehicle to stay presentable for both yourself and your passengers, keeping it clean is the best way to achieve this. Knowing how to keep your vehicle’s interior clean for longer will save you from needing to tidy it up too often.

Establish Vehicle Rules for Yourself and Passengers

You and your passengers may leave litter behind inadvertently. By establishing a set of rules in your car, you can do your part to make cleanup easier in the future—and maybe even pin down the source of the messiness in the first place. Examples of clean car rules include:

  • No eating or drinking in the car.
  • Never leave anything in the car to grab later.
  • Keep a trash bag in the car.
  • Empty the car’s trash bag once a week.
  • Only keep drinks or phones in the cupholders.
  • Don’t hang on to things you don’t need.
  • Check the trunk once a week to make sure you didn’t leave anything in it.

Whether you write down these rules or keep them in your mind is up to you; however, writing them down somewhere might help you stick to them.

Recognize the Ways a Dirty Vehicle Impacts You

It’s not easy to motivate ourselves to clean out our vehicles, especially if they’re really messy. But by learning some of the negative ways that dirty surroundings impact both our mental and physical health, you may find the motivation you need to keep a clean interior for a long time.

A dirty vehicle comes with its own share of health risks, such as worsening your allergies and, in some cases, harboring dangerous mold. Mentally, dirty cars can elevate your stress levels while driving and cause you to lose focus—especially if you lose something among the clutter.

A clean car will brighten your drives, especially if you finish the cleanup with a fresh scent. On a college campus, the ability to drive a full car of passengers is valuable—a dirty car isn’t an enjoyable experience for anyone. Teaching yourself how to keep your vehicle’s interior clean for longer and practicing self-discipline will create healthy habits you can use your whole life.


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