What To Look For in a Car for College

Published by Partnered Content, Date: April 21, 2021
What To Look For in a Car for College

When you’re away at college, you’ll live on your own and will need your own means of travel. Public transportation is often convenient in larger cities, but it may be unreliable or too expensive in smaller towns. If public transit isn’t a viable option, you will need to know what to look for in a car for college to save yourself the unnecessary expense while staying on the move.

What Are the Safety Features?

Generally speaking, newer cars are safer than older cars. Car safety features have increased in recent years, whether that’s in the form of increased airbag coverage, back-up cameras, anti-lock brakes, stronger car frames, or electronic stability controls. While newer cars can quickly become expensive, you may need to find a compromise between cost and safety.

How Worn-Out Is the Car?

While used cars allow us to afford reliable car models, they can come with their own problems that may prove unsafe or financially crippling. When researching the car you have your eye on, learn its history. Depending on how the previous owner maintained it, you may need to spend more money than expected once you finish any necessary repairs.

After-Purchase Repairs

Some common repairs you may need to get after purchasing a used car can be switching out the filters, refilling the fluids, or replacing the tires. Give extra attention to the tires due to potential wear and tear. There are several benefits that come with purchasing new tires, and the money you saved from buying a used car can go into a new set for a fresh start.

How Fuel Efficient Is the Car?

One of your car’s highest ongoing costs will be the fuel; the more you will have to fill it up, then the more money you will put into it. Due to the budgetary restraints that go along with being a college student, you should consider buying a vehicle that had high fuel efficiency to reduce your day-to-day costs. Choosing a car with poor fuel efficiency can limit your financial ability to drive regularly.

How Much Will Everything Cost?

At the end of the day, you need to get a vehicle you can realistically afford. If your parents are helping you out with some expenses, that will go a long way, but the cost of purchasing and maintaining a vehicle is often prohibitively expensive; so, make sure you budget properly and only purchase a vehicle that you can realistically afford. Know what to look for when buying a car for college, so you can compromise between safety, efficiency, and affordability.


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