On Monday April 19, Strengthening Positivity and Reinforcing Kindness (SPARK) held the SPARKler Sendoff where students were welcome to come to the Quad to enjoy music, snacks, a raffle, sparklers, bubbles and glow sticks. The SPARK Club focuses on happiness, exciting events, and taking part in Random Acts of Kindness and strives to make the SRU community a more positive, kind, and welcoming place. 

Usually, each year the SPARK Club provides “Final’s Day Snack Bags” at the end of the spring semester. In place of the snack bags, SPARK club held the SPARKler Send Off Event. Treasurer of the SPARK Club Allie Dingman spoke on the mission and vision of the event. 

“Our goal was to spread positivity and kindness on campus but also replace out ‘Final’s Day Snack Bags’ that we usually do,” said Dingman. “Because of COVID-19 we could not do the bags in the library like we want to, so this is our version of it. We have fun relaxing stuff like our sparklers, snack bags and bubbles.” 

The event also offered notecards and markers where students could write positive messages. These notecards will be placed around campus next semester. Student were also offered raffle tickets to purchase to win a variety of themed baskets.  

E-board member Natalie Vecchio gave her message on behalf of the club. 

“Just spread kindness, that’s kind of the whole point of the club,” said Vecchio. “I feel like it’s very important and especially under these circumstances some people are not seeing anyone. Just making sure that everyone knows they have someone and spreading love and kindness.” 

SPARK performs random acts of kindness throughout the semester, spread positive emotions on campus and create more smiles for all those impacted 

Students who want to get involved with the SPARK Club can connect on Instagram @sruspark_club or search the club on CORE.   

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Morgan is an integrated marketing communication major. This is her second semester on The Rocket staff as assistant campus life editor. Previously, she was part of the Women’s Lacrosse team at SRU for two years and was an editor for her high school yearbook sophomore to senior year. After graduation, she hopes to work on a marketing team in the DMV area. Outside of The Rocket, Morgan is also on staff for the athletic communication department.


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