Updated SRU gun policy not decisive enough

Published by adviser, Author: The Rocket, Date: October 3, 2013

SRU recently updated their gun policy to allow firearms on campus in open places, such as on the quad or sidewalks, but prohibits them inside buildings on campus.

The previous policy had zero tolerance for firearms anywhere in the campus atmosphere, except by authorized police.

While the University feels that guns are unsafe in the classroom, what makes them safe in other areas on campus? Or why not allow them everywhere?

If somebody carrying a gun is stalking you, running into a building will probably not deter your follower.

Even if there is an ideal time to carry a gun on campus, when would it be?

During the day, students go to class, so having a gun on you and taking it to the police station before every class for them to hold would get tiring very quickly.

At night, students arguably might need more protection.

But nobody can take the guns into their dorm building, and nobody in their right mind would take a gun to a bar.

So what would somebody do with it when they’re not out walking around needing more protection?

We’re not sure what the answer to that question is.

For now, we will maintain the stance that this policy might make supporters feel like they have more protection while walking on campus, but it is still not the best answer.

The chancellor and university presidents are not only allowed, but are obligated by Act 188 of 1982 to provide a safe and secure educational environment, and they are “authorized to establish policies governing the use of university facilities and property.”

This updated policy falls right in line with a policy that has been around for three decades.

Strong supporters of the Second Amendment will argue that they have the right to have a gun to protect themselves should any danger arise on campus, regardless if they’re in a building or not.

We feel the school has the right to judge whether or not they want to allow guns on their campus. However, why can’t they just decide one way or another? For us, it’s either guns or no guns.


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