Television viewers ‘media crazed’ in today’s society

Published by adviser, Author: Casey Young, Date: October 3, 2013

No one can escape the media.  It is everywhere, surrounding us 24/7.  Although, who really wants to escape it?  Our generation of students have grown up in a media crazed society.  We grew up watching Barney and Teletubbies, advanced to Spongebob Squarepants and Disney Channel, and have landed ourselves here, today, with many social media outlets and two and a half to three hour movies (that also come in 3D).

I am addicted to watching TV and movies.  Even when I have to get homework done, I have the television on in the background.  So many people I know, myself included, are able to procrastinate assignments with so many available media outlets: television, movies, music, the internet, social media, etc.  I love to procrastinate as much as the next person, but how can I find the strength to turn off my favorite TV show when I know I do not have DVR on campus?  When I have come to this crossroads in the past, obviously I finish the show and cram in doing my assignment right before I sleep.

There is no hope to escape the media.  It is designed to be tantalizing and inviting.  People can not resist watching the newest show that airs on NBC or Fox because there is so much hype surrounding them.  I certainly do not want to be left out.  With so many channels, though, sometimes I feel overwhelmed.  There are at least five movie channels that stream through the Slippery Rock’s television sets on campus this year.  You simply can not watch it all.

Overwhelmed or not, what would we do without the mass media we know and love?  The thought is scary enough.  I speak for many people when I say, keep it coming.  I want the distraction of Project Runway every Thursday night before I sleep.  Our society has made media something no one can live without.  We depend on the news every morning for information on the roadways, major stories, and gossip.  We depend on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. for updates on our weekend plans and gossip among our friends.  We also depend on movies and television shows for a source of relaxation, comedic relief, and entertainment during the day.

So, do not listen to those who claim the media is bad and we have to limit our television and Internet usage.  They are probably just as media-crazed as the next person.  I for one am not giving up the shows I watch habitually every week.  The media is a business, only running as long as they make money.  As of right now, I’m buying it.


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