Nice Guys, I Can’t

Published by adviser, Author: Olive Reid, Date: September 12, 2013

We’ve all been Friendzoned, it’s a part of life. It might suck, but hey, that’s just how things go sometimes. You have to move on to someone who you doesn’t see you as the brother or sister they never had. Maybe later, their feelings will change. I mean it happened for Ross and Rachel, why not you too? But one sure fire way to guarantee that never happens is to turn into a ‘Nice Guy’.

Nice Guys are the absolute worst. They make excuses for why the girl they were nice to doesn’t want to sleep with them. Did you know that all girls date jerks exclusively and completely ignore Nice Guys, even though Nice Guys are always there when to listen to the problems you have with your jerk of a boyfriend?

Or that girls should date Nice Guys because they’re just so nice and will never hurt them?

Nice Guys, did you know that just because you do nice things for a girl, that doesn’t mean she’s obligated to date you?

You don’t get an award for listening to your friends problems or not sleeping with her that time she was too drunk to walk home so she stayed at your apartment.

That doesn’t make you a ‘True Gentleman’ (a term Nice Guys like to throw around), that makes you a decent human being. Just because a girl doesn’t want to sleep with you because you bought her dinner that one time doesn’t make her a bitch, but you thinking those things most definitely makes you a jerk.

If a girl doesn’t like you in that special way doesn’t provide you with justification for getting mad at her. Stop having the mind set that the female world is against you.

Actually, stop blaming everyone just because you can’t get a girlfriend. Maybe if you were a little more straightforward about what you wanted or showed a little more confidence, you wouldn’t have this problem.

Ladies, don’t you just love it when guys act super nice towards you, become your friend, then get super mad when you don’t want to date them and/or express interest in another guy?

Personally, I think it’s great when guys use the guilt trip, excuse me, I mean expression, ‘nice guys finish last’.


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