Apple reveals New iPhones

Published by adviser, Author: Kelsey Sozanski - Commentary, Date: September 12, 2013

Hello.  Bonjour.  Hola.  Guten Tag.  However you say it, say welcome to the new iPhones.  Every year we anxiously wait for Apple to come out with a new iPhone.  We wonder what it will be named, look like, and how big it will be.  Will the new iPhone be named 5S or 6?  Will the rumors of the gold iPhone be true?  Will it come in vibrant colors like the recent iPod touch?  Will there be more than one new phone this year?  These are just some of the many questions we wonder as we await Apple to release their new products, which they did on September 10.  Yes, there will be colorful iPhones and even a gold one.

Some of us may hate to admit that we desperately want to know about all of Apple’s products and try to play it off as Apple being overrated, but I will gladly say that I am not one of those people.  I believe Apple products are reliable products and worth the money.  I am one of those people who keep up with all the new products and I probably will end up getting the new iPhone if I think it is better than the iPhone 5.

A gold iPhone was rumored to be coming to a store near you, which was apparently called iPhone 5C; this was partially incorrect.  There is a gold iPhone, but this isn’t its name.   What’s the “C” mean?  The “C” was said to stand for China or for cheap.  Why gold?  Gold is in high demand in Asia and Apple is trying to appeal to that market in hopes of increasing their sales rates.  The “C”, however, does not stand for China or for cheap, it stands for color.  We all know that Samsung and Apple are the two leading cellphone manufactures in competition, and since Apple has not increased their screen size (which I love that they haven’t) like Samsung does with it seems like almost every new Galaxy, Apple is trying to come up with fresh ideas in order to get ahead of the Samsung Galaxy market.

Apple will be selling a cheaper version of their phones.  This cheaper version was said to have a plastic back, unlike the iPhone 5 that has an aluminum back.  The plastic back phone will be cheaper because if you drop it, you’re out of luck, it will more than likely shatter to pieces.  The iPhone 5C is a colorful phone that comes in five colors and is one hundred dollars less than the new iPhone 5S, which comes in space gray, white, and now gold.

I think selling a cheaper iPhone will benefit Apple greatly.  A few months ago, I switched from T-Mobile to Sprint because I wanted an iPhone.  Then a few months after I switched carriers, T-Mobile got the iPhone; and I felt just peachy about that.  By all or almost all major networks carrying the iPhone, I feel that this will also boost Apple’s ratings.

Will I buy the new iPhone?  No probably not. When the iPhone 6 hits the market, yes, maybe I will be one of those people rushing to the Apple store the day it comes out to see what it’s being bragged about.  Sorry you Galaxy lovers, had one and didn’t like it; I’m team iPhone all the way.


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