Police Blotter – 9/08/2023

Published by Zac Gibson, Date: September 8, 2023

September 1 – Police received a call from Butler Control advising that they dispatch an ambulance for an individual who passed out at Strain Behavioral Science. Upon the officer’s arrival, EMS was on the scene providing treatment to the individual who refused to be transported to the hospital.

September 1– Police were called for a hit-and-run report. The individual stated that they arrived on campus at 11:20 a.m. When they left campus from Maltby Avenue at 4:45 p.m., they noticed that their vehicle was damaged. The investigating officer was able to identify the person who struck the vehicle, and charges are pending.

September 2 – Police received a report of an individual in Building B stating that they put eye drops in another individual Brita filter water. The investigating officer contacted the suspect who stated that they said it as a joke. The officer spoke to the victim who stated that they had been drinking from the filter water and all was okay. The case was referred to Student Conduct.

September 2 – Dispatch received a call from a concerned parent stating that they were attempting to contact their daughter but could not reach her. The officer contacted the daughter in Building F who was okay, and she called her mother back. No further action was taken.

September 2 – Police requested an ambulance to Mihalik-Thompson Stadium for a person with low blood sugar who was feeling faint. An ambulance arrived but the person refused transport.

September 2 – Police initiated a traffic stop on Green and White Way which resulted in citations issued to Joseph Domen, 18, and Tyler Feeney,18.

September 2 – Police received a call for Luke Nicholson, 19, passed out outside of a building near Central Loop. An ambulance was dispatched, and the officer could not wake the person. The person was transported to the hospital and will be cited for underage consumption.

September 3 – Police received a smoke detector activation in Old Main and checked the building. Workers were sanding, causing the detector to go off. The panel was reset.

September 3 – Police received a call to check on a student in Watson Hall who had not been heard from. Police knocked on the resident’s door and everything was fine. No other action was taken.

September 3 – A case is being investigated about a utility cart being taken from the lot by the Field House near Central Loop.

September 3 – Police received a fire alarm at the Smith Student Center and responded. They checked the building and everything seemed normal except for the doors. Maintenance was notified to fix the doors.

September 3 – Police received multiple alarms from Building E. Police checked and there was no smoke or fire. Safety was notified and will have Simplex respond.

September 3 – Police received a smoke detector activation at Suite A. The officer noticed an odor of burnt food. The occupants stated they were not cooking. Safety was dispatched to look at the detector and noticed peanut butter by the detector. The case is under investigation.

September 5 – Police received an E-phone activation near Building F. A custodian told the dispatcher that they accidentally pushed the call button with their elbow.

September 5 – Police received a complaint of an individual sending harassing emails to a staff member. The case is under investigation.

September 5 – Police responded to a hit-and-run report involving a vehicle that was parked in the East Lake parking lot. Upon the officer’s investigation, the driver of the vehicle that caused the damage was identified. The officer spoke to the driver, who was issued a traffic citation.

September 5 – Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) requested assistance with a vehicle pursuit heading towards Branchton Road on William Flynn Highway. Upon university police arrival, PSP advised that they had the vehicle stopped and no longer needed assistance.

September 5 – Police responded to a complaint of an individual who may have been being tracked by an Apple Air Tag near Building F. The officer spoke to the individual. All their belongings were checked, and no air tag was found. The case is under investigation.

September 6 – Police responded to a fire alarm activation at the Rock Apartments. The responding officer determined that burnt food was the cause of the activation. The alarm system was reset.

September 6 – Slippery Rock borough police requested assistance for a traffic stop on New Castle Street. University police arrived and provided scene security. No further action was taken by the university police.

September 6 – Police received a call from an individual in East Lake parking lot reporting that people may be in trouble near the baseball field. The caller stated that they were looking around with flashlights. The dispatcher told the responding officer that a white-colored vehicle exited the east entrance of the parking lot. Officers were able to determine what vehicle the individuals were around. The dispatcher notified the vehicle owner who stated that they were friends and all was okay. No further police action was taken.

September 7 – Police responded to an E-phone activation near Building B. The officer arrived and no one was in the area. A message was left with IATS to check the alarm system.

September 7 – An individual came to the station to file a report that they were riding their scooter in the Union commuter parking lot when they swerved from being hit by a vehicle. They hit the curb and were injured and were seen at the Student Health Center. The case is under investigation.

September 7 – Police received a call that an ambulance was being dispatched for an individual who needed medical attention at Building B. Upon the officer’s arrival, EMS was already on the scene, and the person was transported to Grove City Medical Center.

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