Police blotter 3/22/24

Published by Hayden Schultz, Date: March 25, 2024

March 7 – Slippery Rock Police Department (SRPD) requested University Police assist with serving a warrant on an individual. Borough Police located the suspect in Patterson Hall and took the person into custody.

March 7 – An individual filed a hit-and-run report at the University Police station. The investigating officer determined the vehicle damage did not occur on campus and the case was referred to SRPD.

March 7 – An individual called University Police to report they were struck by a vehicle in a parking lot near Building A and that the driver did not stop. The officer identified the driver and issued a traffic citation.

March 8 – University Police received a call for an individual who fell near Bailey Library. EMS and police responded. The individual was evaluated and transported to the hospital.

March 8 –  An individual called University Police about a hit-and-run in Lower Stadium B Lot. The case is under investigation.

March 8 – University police responded to a traffic incident in Swope Commuter Lot. Both parties exchanged information and a report was taken. No injuries were reported and both vehicles were able to drive off of the scene.

March 9 – University Police received a call from a Building D community assistant about drug paraphernalia and alcohol in a room. The information was taken and referred to student conduct.

March 11 – University Police are investigating a report of possible identity theft in Rhoads Hall.

March 13 – University Police received a call for a suspicious person inside McKay Education Building. Police checked the area but no individual was found.

March 14 – Multiple SRU staff in Old Main contacted university police about “a caller being unreasonable.” Police made contact and spoke with the “unreasonable” caller, and no further calls were made by them.

March 17 – University police responded to a domestic situation via Pa. State Police (PSP) who were enroute to Franklin Street. University police arrived and spoke with the parties involved. Charges will be filed by PSP.

March 18 – A vehicle with flashers on was observed by University Police in East Lake Parking Lot. An officer checked the vehicle and nobody was inside. The vehicle owner was contacted and the owner stated they would come and turn them off. No further action was taken.

March 18 – University Police responded to a fire alarm in Building E. The responding officer determined the cause to be burnt ramen noodles.

March 19 – SRPD requested that University Police assist in serving a warrant on an individual wanted by Florida, PSP and the Butler County Sheriff’s Office. University Police found the person, and they were taken into custody.

March 20 – University Police received a call from an individual stating two dogs were running off leash near Maltby Avenue. One appeared to be a lab and the other a golden retriever. Police searched the area and were unable to locate the dogs.

March 20 – Butler County 911 called university police stating they received a call from an individual wanting to file an emergency PFA. University Police spoke to the individual receiving threatening comments towards them and spoke to the person who allegedly made the comments. The individual who wanted a PFA was referred to Butler County Courts to file for a temporary PFA. The case is under investigation.

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