Police blotter 3/1/24

Published by Hayden Schultz, Date: March 1, 2024

CONTENT WARNING: This edition of the blotter contains a mention of assault. Please use discretion when proceeding.

February 24 – A person reported an assault off campus to university police. Police assisted the person with resources and referred them to appropriate agencies.

February 24 – Police received a call for someone who passed out in Building A. Police responded and the person who passed out refused transport by EMS.

February 25 – A person reported they struck another vehicle in the Lower Stadium Lot C. Police responded and located the owner of the struck vehicle. Both parties exchanged information.

February 25 – Police received a call for someone who passed out in Morrow Field House. Police responded, and the person refused EMS transport and treatment.

February 26 – Police received a call from Butler 911 advising an ambulance to be sent for a female who fell on the second floor of Art Building 1. Police and EMS arrived, and the individual refused treatment. The individual stated they would have their friend drive them to the hospital.

February 26 – A call alerted police to a lone dog inside a truck in Lower Stadium Lot A. Police arrived and retrieved the phone number listed on the dog’s collar tag. Several calls were made with no response and a message was sent to the number. The owner arrived and told the officers they were at track practice.

February 27 – Police responded to an individual having a seizure in Patterson Hall. Upon the officer’s arrival, the individual was talking with staff members. EMS arrived, and the individual refused treatment.

February 27 – A call to police from a nurse in the Health Center requested an ambulance for an individual having an asthma attack. EMS arrived and transported the individual to Grove City Medical Center.

February 28 – Police on patrol observed a sign that was knocked over and damaged in the Ski Lodge Open Parking. The investigating officer determined the person responsible. The investigation is ongoing, and charges are pending.

February 28 – Police responded to a fire alarm activation in Rock Apartment #5. The building was evacuated upon the officer’s arrival. The cause of the alarm could not be determined, and Safety was notified. Following the first alarm at 2:47 a.m., the alarm also sounded for undetermined causes at 6:35 a.m., 8:52 a.m. and 10:42 a.m. Following an additional alarm at 12:19 p.m., Safety determined the alarm head was excessively dirty.

February 29 – Pennsylvania State Police called into dispatch requesting information on an individual. The information was provided.

February 29 – Police received a fire alarm activation in Building E. Safety was notified and arrived on site. The determined cause was burnt ramen noodles.

February 29 – Police received a call of a jacket stolen outside of the men’s locker room on the ground level of Morrow Field House. The person called back shortly after and stated the jacket was recovered and no police response was needed.


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