Police blotter 2/23/24

Published by Hayden Schultz, Date: February 27, 2024

February 16 – Police responded to a notification regarding an individual holding up an offensive sign in Central Loop. No violation of the law was observed and no action was taken by police.

February 16 – Police observed three vehicles sliding in the snow on Kiester Road. Two of the vehicles slid off the road and struck a telephone pole. The vehicles were moved to West Lake Parking Lot, and no injuries were reported.

February 17 – A call notified police of possible harassment and a person making untrue statements in North Hall. The caller requested no further action or reporting.

February 17 – A caller reported disturbances in Building B. Police arrived and observed injuries. The parties were separated, and citations were issued. Both parties were told not to return.

February 19 – Police received a complaint from an individual in Watson Hall stating she received edited pictures of herself appearing nude. The unknown person stated the photos were sent to her parents and other people she knows on campus. She was referred to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center.

February 20 – Police received a call from someone who had trouble breathing. EMS and police arrived, and the person was transported to Grove City Medical Center.

February 20 – A fire alarm in Rhoads Hall notified police. Safety responded, and the building was evacuated. Safety found a washing machine motor smoking on the second floor’s east side. Safety reset the panel, and residents reentered.

February 21 – Butler 911 called police stating they had an emergency call at Mihalik-Thompson Stadium, specifically at the fifty-yard line, with someone yelling “get down.” Police arrived and observed the football team practicing on the field. A player approached the officers and told them his Apple Watch accidentally called 911.

February 21 – Police responded to a traffic accident in Bailey Staff Lot after a food service truck struck two parked cars. No injuries were reported. The operator of the van stated the brakes failed. The accident is under investigation.

February 22 – Police received a call reporting a possible hit-and-run in West Lake Commuter Lot. The officer met the witness, and the investigation is ongoing.

February 22 – Police received a different call reporting another possible hit-and-run on Rock Pride Drive. The officer met the witness, and the investigation is ongoing.


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