No furloughs for SRU academic clerical staff

Provost Michael Zieg holds town hall with academic clerical staff

Published by James Cressman, Date: February 7, 2024
SRU Provost Michael Zieg leads clerical meeting
SRU Provost Michael Zieg leads the town hall meeting with academic clerical staff

SRU academic clerical staff can expect no furloughs within the university’s academic restructuring.

Provost Michael Zieg led a town hall with academic clerical staff to offer a breakdown of clerical support within the new restructuring plan. Zieg was joined by chief human resource (HR) officer Holly McCoy and HR labor relations specialist Brad Henry.

Zieg renewed his commitment to academic clerical staff that the academic restructuring being overseen by his office will result in no job loss.

According to Zieg, many of the changes that have come from restructuring have led to “downstream effects.” One effect is the restructuring of academic clerical staff to align with the newly created departments.

“There is far less impact than some people have expected, there will be some, but far less than some people are concerned about,” Zieg said.

In a draft provided by Zieg, clerical structure was broken down by college. The presentation showcased colleges and departments as they stand now and what they will look like come fall 2024.

Zieg stressed that while he is not familiar with every aspect of the workers union’s (AFSCME) contract, the process of assigning impacted clerical workers to their new colleges and departments will be properly conducted.

At present time, no decisions have been made.

According to Zieg, academic clerical staff affected by department restructuring should continue to work within their current departments until the end of the current academic year.

Several clerical staff in attendance raised concerns about the lack of communication regarding clerical restructuring. One member of the audience stated that they only learned of the restructuring through coverage from The Rocket.

To ensure that there was no confusion, communication regarding clerical restructuring was held back to ensure correct information was passed along when the time came.

The academic restructuring is expected to begin implementation at the conclusion of the current academic year. As the restructuring is ever-evolving, The Rocket will continue to cover and release updates as they become available.


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