Police Blotter 10/12/23

Published by Zac Gibson, Date: October 13, 2023

October 5 –Individual at station to file report that when they were parking their vehicle on Rock Pride Drive, they struck the vehicle that next to them causing damage. Contact was made with the other vehicle owner and both parties exchanged the required information.

October 5 – Police received a fire alarm activation in Building F; it was determined that steam from a shower was the cause for the activation. The alarm panel was reset.

October 6 – Police were called to check on an individual in the Ski Lodge Parking Lot having suicidal thoughts. EMS was dispatched and the person refused treatment. The individual stated they would go to the hospital with a friend. They were given all important resources.

October 7 – Police were called to check on an individual by the parent. The officer and Community Assistant (CA) checked the room, and no one was there. The officer called the parents back and asked if anyone else knew who to call, and they stated “No, I think I know what’s going on”. The parent called PD back and all is fine.

October 9 – Police received a smoke detector activation in Building F and checked the room. The cause was determined to be burnt food.

October 9 – Police received a trouble alarm activation in North Hall; it was determined that Safety personnel were working on the water system.

October 10 – Police received an E-phone activation in North Hall, the dispatcher determined that person accidentally pressed the call button.

October 10 – Police received a fire alarm activation in Building F, Safety was notified and responding. It was determined that steam from a person taking a shower accidentally set the alarm off. The alarm system was reset.

October 10 – Police received a fire alarm activation in Building F, Safety notified and was enroute, it was determined that burnt food set off the fire alarm. The alarm system was reset.

October 10 – Police responded to a fire alarm activation in the Rock Apartments; the responding officer determined that burnt food to be that cause of the activation. The officer reset the alarm system.

October 10 – Individual arrived at the police station to advise police of a vehicle accident that just occurred on Kiester Rd. Officer arrived at the scene, vehicle was struck a utility pole, diver stated that their stomach was hurting, and EMS was dispatched. EMS  arrived on scene and driver refused medical attention and Pry’s Towing arrived and towed the vehicle.

October 12 – Individual on station to file report that while pulling out of the parking lot, they struck an East Cooper Street utility pole causing damage to the passenger side of their vehicle.

October 12 – Police received a call of an individual yelling outside of the Aebersold Recreation Center, the responding officer located the individual. The individual stated that while they were walking, an unknown person driving a gray vehicle shouted a derogatory remark at them. The case is under investigation.

October 12 –PSP requested assistance with locating a student to return their ID that the Trooper recovered. The student was not in his North Hall dorm room at this time and PSP would attempt to contact the individual later.

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