SRSGA passes funding requests, capital request

Slippery Rock Student Government Association approves over $30,000 to assist organizations on campus

Published by Layla Joseph, Date: April 6, 2023

Slippery Rock Student Government Association (SRSGA) approved a capital request for $27,197.30 and granted $6,497.77 to four different student organizations at Monday’s meeting. 

A capital request was placed by WSRU Radio for $27,197.30 and was approved after brief discussion among the senate. 

The capital request is taken from a different, larger reserve that is separate from the reserve meant to fill funding requests and conference grants.

The money requested by WSRU Radio is to help the organization cover the cost of new equipment and furniture, so the club can have a “more professional and realistic setup,” according to the finance report.

WSRU Radio used to run operations at the Student Union before the building was closed for renovations. 

The radio station, now located in the basement of Strain Safety Building, currently operates with borrowed furniture, since furniture utilized at the Student Union was attached to the building.

According to the finance report, the equipment and furniture would not just benefit members of WSRU Radio but anyone on campus who is interested in creating a podcast or participating in a radio show.

Vice President of Finance Nikole Husnick said that WSRU Radio has been trying to get these funds since last year and if the capital request is not approved now, it could be more costly in the future.

“The prices for the things they’re trying to buy goes up monthly,” Husnick said. “If we were to push it back even further, it could mean the price tag would get larger.”

Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Alexis Gish moved to approve the capital request for WSRU Radio.

“I really appreciate the consideration that WSRU Radio has put in for this to be a landmark for community usage and not just their organization,” Gish said.

The senate approved the capital request unanimously.

Commuter Senator Eban Smith moved to approve the finance report, which was voted on separately from the capital request. 

The finance report included one conference grant and three funding requests.

The conference grant was requested by SRSGA to assist in the cost of sending five students to a student government association conference in Texas. The cost per person is $280 and the grant will be split between the five students to help alleviate the cost. 

Adapted Physical Activity Council (APA) and Women’s Club Softball both requested just over $1,000 from the senate. 

APA has only $100 left in its budget and requested $1,100 to help cover the costs of its annual Quad Rugby event. The organization hopes to use this money to purchase a quad rugby wheelchair, supplies for the event and promotional materials.

Women’s Club Softball asked SRSGA for $1,077.77 to help cover the costs for the rest of their season. The team spent the last of their budget traveling to a tournament in Ohio and requested $57.77 to help cover the remaining cost of the trip. The team also requested $1,020 to fund officials for their remaining six home tournaments.

Debate Club also put in a funding request, asking SRSGA for $3,820 to help fund the cost of buses, hotels and admission fees for 15 teams to compete at a tournament in Dayton, Ohio.

The finance report was passed unanimously without discussion.


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