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Published by , Date: September 15, 2022

This week marks the second meeting of the semester for SRSGA on Sept. 12, 2022, in the SSC theatre. In this meeting, SRSGA has a lot of new information to unpack. They confirmed new senators and spoke of positive things going around on campus.

The first meeting of the school year with President Behre and President D’Egidio has been postponed and rescheduled to Sept. 27, 2022. The Vice President’s meeting with the provost is on Sept. 23, 2022.

Vice President of Campus Outreach, Samantha Shaffer, intends to plan a “Safer Sex Spooktacular” for the students on campus. If you would like to contribute or attend, reach out to her.

The NextBus app has been giving students issues. Many have stated that they have not had the best of luck finding out where the bus is picking up/dropping off. Senator Mclafferty suggested possibly using a different bus app. SRSGA said they will look into finding a new app for the Happy Bus due to the app giving technological difficulties.

SRSGA also confirmed new senators to join them this year:

  • College of Engineering and Science: Rose Resnick
  • College of Business: Easton Kaufman
  • Freshman: Eli DeBaker
  • At-Large: Hunter Bell
  • Residence Hall: Kris Snyder

Senator Resnick spoke up during commission reports to mention that she met with the president’s commission on disability issues on September 8th Rock Life and HAP joined the office of disabilities services. Rock Life is a program for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities to get the full college experience. HAP is a program for high schoolers with developmental and intellectual disabilities to get them ready for the workforce and higher education. Rock Life is working with outside consultants to relaunch in fall 2022. The university also intends to take care of the tripping hazards around campus.

Parliamentarian Thrasher spoke up as well to speak on behalf of the Veterans of military affairs, the killed-in-action display is almost complete. There are 9 known killed-in-action alumni. The metal of honor display is also being set up. Veterans from before graduation were provided a red, white and blue cord for recognition during the ceremony. This summer’s graduation, veterans were provided a stole to wear instead of a cord. The commission received very positive feedback from the stoles.

First Nations, a newly formed student organization, was approved.


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