SRSGA updates the rules

By-law updates and five initiative requests keeps Senate busy

Published by , Date: October 21, 2021

Slippery Rock Student Government Association (SRSGA) held their first formal meeting of October on Monday at the Smith Student Center (SSC) theater. It was a quick meeting, with the Senate passing 13 motions, including amendments and changes to their own bylaws.

At previous formal meetings, there were issues with allowing participation from anyone in attendance in discussions about motions being voted upon. The SRSGA bylaws state that those not in the senate who would like to speak about a motion are allowed to do so only during open forum, not during debate and discussion.

With the new amendment, “the chair will be allowed to recognize any member of student organizations at their sole discretion during formal meetings” and guests are now allowed to be included alongside SRSGA members in these debates.

Another amendment was made to Bylaw Article IV, Section 3, Subsection A, Sub-Subsection VI, which was voted to be changed to read that all members running for an elected position must disclose to the student body “any prospective or current executive position(s) in any other campus organization(s).” This amendment allows for the Senate to properly gauge that the individuals who are running have the ability to provide their role in SRSGA the proper attention that is required. The amendment was tabled until their next formal meeting to give the senators time to review.

Vice President of Student and Academic Affairs Grant Warmbein congratulated the SRSGA with an announcement of the final number of responses to the Student Life Survey. 901 responses were counted, which surpassed Warmbein’s original goal of 700. Because of their achievement, Warmbein mentioned that after the next formal meeting, all senators and executive board members will be able to “egg” him as a reward.

The results of the survey should be made available by the Senate’s next formal meeting.

Five initiative requests were passed during the meeting, four of which were conference grant requests.

The Double Reed Club requested an initiative for $500 to help get their club up and running, as well as host a reed-making workshop and possibly commission music.

For the conference requests, the Exercise Science Society requested $4,200 to cover transportation fees, the National Council of Teachers of English requested $229 for their conference in Pittsburgh, the Music Therapy Club requested $500 and lastly the American Society of Safety Professionals requested $300. All were approved.

A new food service ad hoc committee, which is a specific and temporary committee, was proposed by Warmbein.

“With Aramark (SRU’s food service provider) being so new, they are asking us for our needs, so essentially that is what the committee will do,” Warmbein said.

College of Education Senator Gabriel Stiles was appointed Chair of the newly formed ad hoc food service committee.

Young Life, an international Christian worship group, was voted to be officially recognized as an SRU student organization. Their president, senior special education and early childhood dual major Kristen Forrester, announced their weekly gatherings are held off campus on Thursdays at 6 p.m. and all are welcome to join. Students can check out their Instagram or CORE page for more information.

In celebration of national transfer student week, former SRSGA president and current transfer counselor for the admissions office, Nick Barcio, spoke during open forum. Barcio encouraged all transfer students to stop at Boozel Dining Hall this week for some cupcakes, cookies and Rice Krispies treats with their Transfer Made Easy logo. He also mentioned that if transfer students post a picture of their sweets to Instagram, they will get a chance to win a gift basket from Aramark.

Rock the Weekend updates were announced by Lauren Moran, director of student engagement leadership and also SGA’s advisor. This Saturday, there will be a swimming with pumpkins event where students can grab a pumpkin from the Aebersold Recreation Center pool and a painting kit for an at-home fall activity.

Oct. 23 at 8 p.m., the annual RockOUT drag show will be held in the SSC Ballroom. Sunday, Oct. 24, the E-sports Club will be hosting a multigame tournament in the SSC Ballroom at 5 p.m.

The SRSGA will be holding its next formal on Nov. 1 at 5 p.m. in the SSC Theater. The meetings are open to all SRU community members and information can be found on CORE.


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