January 21 – Pennsylvanian State Police arrived at the university police station to use the Datamaster for a possible DUI.

January 21 – University Police were requested by Pennsylvania State Police to assist with a domestic on Rosewood Lane that involved weapons. The suspect was already in custody when police arrived. University police secured the suspect while Pennsylvania State Police conducted their investigation. No further action was taken by the university police.

January 21 – University Police responded to a fire alarm at Rhoads Hall. The building was evacuated, and police searched the building, determining everything to be fine. Police were unable to reset the alarm and notified Safety.

January 26 – Police responded to a fire alarm at the ROCK Apartments that was set off by burnt chicken. The alarm system was reset.

January 27 – University police arrived at the Maltby Center for a panic alarm activation. Officer determined no one had tripped the alarm and notified Safety.

January 27 – Police responded to a panic alarm at the Maltby Center that was determined to be a malfunction. Police notified the monitoring company to bypass the alarm.


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