October 15 – Police responded to the Boiler Plant for a fire alarm. The alarm had been set off by workers grinding in the area. The alarm system was put into bypass until work was completed.

October 16 – Slippery Rock Borough police arrived at the university police station to utilize the Datamaster for a suspected DUI.

October 17 – While patrolling the area, university police noticed a vehicle parked on the track at Old Thompson Field. After making contact with the driver, the police believed the individual to be intoxicated and transported them to the police station. The individual tested positive on the Datamaster for DUI. Charges are pending.

October 17 – Police received a call from Resident Life to check on an individual in Building B who had a food delivery outside their door for several days. The officer was advised that the person had gone home for a few days. No further police action was taken.

October 18 – University police received a call from the Student Health Center to check on a person in Building D. Person was transported to the Health Center.

October 19 – Police received a call from the CA in Building E regarding an odor of marijuana coming from a dorm room. The officer made contact with the individual and found marijuana in the residence. Jonathan Depoutiloff, 20, was charged with summary disorderly conduct.

October 21 – While conducting a traffic stop along Stadium Drive, the officer noticed drug-related items inside the vehicle. The driver, Dominic Burden, 19, was cited for disorderly conduct.

October 21 – An individual returned a wallet to the university police station they found. While conducting an inventory of the wallet, police discovered two fake identification cards. The owner was contacted and asked to come to the station and retrieve their wallet. Shane Murphy, 19, was cited with carrying false identification as a minor.

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