SGA swears in 26 senators

Two senators declined their positions, rest to be sworn in later


The Slippery Rock University Student Government Association (SRSGA) held a special session Monday night to swear-in the newly elected senators for the 2020-2021 academic year.

With a state mandate limiting the number of people allowed to gather for in-person events, the ceremony was held online via Zoom.

Presiding over the special session was Leif Lindgren, vice president of student academic affairs. SGA President Joey Sciuto was absent for personal reasons.

Vice President of Internal Affairs Mia Graziani moved to confirm newly elected senators.

Of the 39 elected senators, 26 were present to be sworn in.

Bailie Fleming, a junior college of business senator, said while the process was “nerve-wracking,” she is excited to represent her academic college.

“When I was swearing in, it felt like the work does not stop here,” Fleming said in an email.

Fleming continued, saying that with a great support system of family, friends, students and professors she will be able to do her best.

After the ceremony on Monday, the body of 39 senators elected dropped by two.

Matt Reitler, who previously served in the senate, was elected as a college of business senator. He declined the position before the start of the meeting.

The other senator, Nicholas Condon, a senior political science major who previously served as a commuter senator, was elected as a college of business senator. While Condon attended the meeting, he declined to mark himself as present during the roll call of senators and did not accept the position.

Condon, who was a write-in candidate for the senate, did apply for parliamentarian. Scuito, who appoints the parliamentarian, is expected to do that at the next SRSGA formal meeting.

Condon lost to Scuito during the presidential election last year.

The next formal meeting, which will be held via Zoom Sept. 21. The remaining senators will be sworn in then, Graziani said. Senators are also expected to select a speaker of the senate at the meeting.

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