Breaking: Student body elects 39 to senate


Slippery Rock University Student Government Association (SRSGA) concluded its senate elections Friday afternoon, electing 39 senators for the 2020-2021 school year.

Voting began Wednesday morning with 23 candidates on the ballot, 16 senators were elected via write-in.

SRSGA President Joey Sciuto said write-in candidates were emailed asking them to accept the position.

Sciuto said he is intrigued to see if any of the write-in candidates will back out. A finalized list of senators-elect should be done my Monday morning.

Senators will be sworn in Monday evening and SRSGA will hold an informal meeting.

With 39 senators elected, six positions remain unfilled. The college of liberal arts, freshman and veteran positions all have one vacancy each while the graduate position has three.

With the at-large position, 14 senators-elect were named despite the at-large position only having 12 seats. The Rocket has reached out to the SRSGA for clarification.

Empty senate seats can be filled by students petitioning the SRSGA.

Two executive board positions, parliamentarian and speaker of the senate will be filled in the coming weeks. Sciuto said he expects his pick for parliamentarian to be confirmed by the senate at the Sept. 21 meeting.

Grant Warmbien, Nic Condon and Alexandra Kulikowski applied for parliamentarian. Condon and Kulikowski were both elected senators this afternoon.


List of Senators-elect:

College of Business

Leah Bracken

Bailie Fleming

Matt Reitler

Morgan Tupper

College of Education

Samantha Baird

Kai Bright

Alexandra Kulikowski

Courtney Wilson

College of Liberal Arts

Nicholas Condon

Hannah D’Egidio

Madison King

College of Health, Engineering and Science

Caleb Covey

Spencer Kahley

Taylor Page

Samantha Shaffer


Braydon Brinker

Sydney Lewis

Gavin Mayer


Laken Draksler

Residence Hall

Kyle Mennor

Sydney Rezzetano


Elizabeth Hood

Loreal Thompson


Aiden Donnelly


Mohsen Kahani


Robbi Austin

Nicholas Carter

Brian Clark

Matthew Diamond

Jake Furge

Zach Horensky

Will Jeffries

Kayden Kutchman

Luke Lindgren

Alex Persio

Jacob Ponikvar

Alexander Riccardi

Aiden Sames

Ryan Smith

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